Monday, November 29, 2010

REVIEW: Revlon Age Defying Concealer~ Light



This concealer was mentioned by fuzkittie in one of her videos and it's a revlon, naturally, i had to check it out.
I had a bit of bad luck with concealers a few months back where in the concealer i had ordered from korea was delayed and the etude house also was, at the time, out of stock of their it was revlon i went back to.

before pic of my under eye:

before pic of my old scars:

after applying the concealer pic of my
under eye

after applying the concealer pic of my scars:

full face:


  • the spf, there are very few brands that have concealers with spf, and this one is at spf25 at that
  • not too watery not too creamy / sticky
  • easy to blend
  • mixes with my bb creams and the foundation i'm currently using
  • no crepe eye ~ literally like the lines and creases on crepe paper under your eye after a certain hour of the day after or after touching up with your compact
  • covers old pimple scars well without it being too obvious that there's this opaque dot(s) on your face
  • the amount of product 
  • the packaging.  i like the upside down tube thing, unless the tube sucks up the product you just dispensed, ideally, dispensing the product on your clean finger is hygienic  
  • lasts throughout the day so long as it's set properly
  • this is a drugstore brand but is sold as a dept store brand in our country.  this item in the states has a price range of US$8.97 to US$9.99 which is about PhP385 to PhP430, but here it's over PhP600 so errr.
  • shade range in the Philippines, i don't get why the darker shades are not 'sellable' here.  i, obviously have no issues with getting the lighter shade but i am in the philippines with friends who have warmer and deeper shades of skin color and i will have a hard time recommending the right make up for them unless i tell them to order fr the states.
Will i repurchase:
Only if i can order it from the states.


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