Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Etude House Happy Tea Time Green Tea Cleansing Tissue ♥

So you're all partied out after attending a Christmas party.


and you're too tired to do your usual cleansing routine with a cleansing cream and toner but need to take off your makeup and people's second hand smoke off your that tired fez of yours.


hola, just what my cat keeps digging out of my vanity!


and of course, you just can't be too tired to take this step or your pillow covers will suffer the consequences and then your face in zits

your eye make up. rationale: remove the dark eye shadows, eye liner, mascara first - it isn't like laundry that you first wash the whites and light colors. why? so that the dark colors don't spread all over your face needing you to clean over and over again.


sure, they're just like baby wipes, but if i wanted to review baby wipes then i wouldn't be talking about etude, right? tammmwaaaah ☺


as you can see the cleansing tissue is about the size of a regular wet ones baby wipe. it smells like cologne and it's thick enough that it doesn't tear easily

  • convenient packaging, resealable and great for travel
  • thorough cleansing, no need for toner after
  • size is just right that you can over your face twice on one side and wipe again on the other half
  • the after effect, somehow, (i have oily to combination skin) the essence of the tea trea in this makes my skin so soft and smooth, so i feel it's a light chemical exfoliant.

  • the scent, it's a tad too strong for my taste. but like i say, another person's strong scent is another person's pleasant smell
  • the resealable sticker. once you open this, make sure you use up the pack soon or it may dry out (and i've seen other brands with hard plastic lid type's for the opening/closing)


tulog na daw, time for bed LOL

so if you're tired and a fan of the Etude House and make up? have this in your purse to wipe that makeup away when you're done partying ♥

Disclaimer:  i'm not paid by the Etude House for these reviews.  I paid with my own money to purchase this green tea cleansing tissue.


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