Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OFF TOPIC: a Christmas and New Year's wish

if i come to work early enough this
most certainly greets me at the building where the office i work at is located.
early for me means before 7am where presumably the custodians for the building have not changed shifts and this got left behind for the next shift to pick up. sometimes i feel like it i take pix of these
banana peel
wow banana peel on a step, watch out Mr Bean!!!

i can't imagine why residents of the area would be callous enough to leave their litter as that would defeat the purpose of paying association dues if you insist on another set of custodians to pick up after yourself. i.e. lalayo ka pa para lang magtapon ng basura when your condo building makes you pay dues for these things.
the 2nd ang 3rd pix were taken at the same building where i work at. there are a couple of call centers at this building that i know of and i know that the back entrance of the building where i work at is even worse since that's the smoking area.

it's hard to speak and therefore mouth-off and spewing judgment on my fellow workers. all i can say, that the building where i work at provide big trash bins at the back for the smokers and the people who chose to eat during their breaks apart from smoking. at this entrance where two of my pix were taken, there are also a trash bins where the BDO AND BPI atms are and a trash bin where the country style is.  as well, in each of our offices there are trash bins.

so where am i going with this? i would wish that the people who had left the trash behind would put their litter in the plastic bag given them by 7/11 and ministop tie it up and bring it to the nearest trash bins. 

am i being too righteous with this wish? call me righteous and high and mighty but my atm receipts from may or june are still somewhere IN MY BAG simply because i don't have a habit of throwing my litter everywhere. am i being too high and mighty with this wish? maybe so? when my own vanity is a mess?

i can point a finger at myself just as i'm pointing a finger at the people that left this garbage for people to step on and slip and fall because of. but my bag is full of old receipts, tissue, etc for a reason (oh btw i don't smoke or eat candy so i don't have candy wrapper or empty cigarette packs) the reason is, i wait til i get to a place where there is a trash bin either at home or inside the office.

am i saying that i'm assuming the people most likely responsible for the littering are call center agents? hell yeah, i came from the night shift, y'all. i see the litter they leave behind including INSIDE the elevators. one service master/custodian said...'parang walang pinagaralan' translated as...'it's like they're not educated'. 

and there you have it, my wish for this holiday season apart from world peace and a cure for hiv and cancer, is a sense of community and accountability from everyone.



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sugar sugar said...

well said. :)

Marge said...

ey thanks, peeps, have a safe and happy holiday season ^_^

Marge said...

ey thanks, peeps, have a safe and happy holiday season ^_^

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