Thursday, December 23, 2010

REVIEW: The Body Shop: Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

Here's another long over due review of a product i use daily.
as i've stated in a past entry my lips easily chap so i often use lip balm or a lip treatment and top it off with a lip stick.  so recently i've been using this daily and simply top it off with my maybelline color sensational for some spf.
a list of ingredients. 

From the body shop website:
Best if you want to: Keep your lips lustrous and conditioned with a passion fruit-scented gloss that features the perfect hint of color.
Best for: all skin tones
What it is designed to do:
  • Pearl pigments give lips a glimmering finish.
  • Provide effective hydration with an ultra-glossy, dermatologist-approved formulation that is long-lasting and non-sticky.
  • Moisturizing Community Trade marula oil from Namibia helps to repair skin’s moisture barrier, leaving lips soft and supple

after a while the marula oil, lanolin, avocado oil separate and leave behind the color or the really sticky part.  and i have to shake it roughly for the color / really sticky part to blend with the oils.
here's a swatch.
when blended out and on my lips.

when the ingredients are blended well the texture upon application is very sticky bordering on tacky.  the shade i bought is juicy peach.  
as it's a lip gloss treatment i wasn't expecting pigmentation, so i was not at all surprised when i got almost no pigmentation at least with this shade.  as they say, expectation is the mother of all frustration.  

  • light peachy scent
  • effective in keeping my lips from chapping
  • very lasting-lasts on my lips so long as i don't eat or drink.
  • great for toning down the color of dark or really bright lipsticks.
  • the shine, not glittery at all 
  • not gritty as there are no big chunks of glitter.
  • the packaging.  i prefer this over glosses with doe foot applicators or brush tips.  somehow i can better manage and control the amount that squirts out of the tube.
  • the price.  at US$13 i'm pretty sure you can find an alternative 
  • sticky! so beware your hair
  • it separates.  so sometimes i only get oil on my lips.
Will I repurchase:
prolly not. unless it's on a buy one get one or half off.  but if not for the price and maybe the stickiness this is a product that helps keep my lips from cracking.


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