Tuesday, December 14, 2010

REVIEW: ELF Studio Lengthening and Volumizing Waterproof Mascara ~ a US$3.oo waste

I am not paid by ELF-eyeslipsface.com to review their products.  
Ok, the saying you get what you pay for? that saying doesn't even justify how dissatisfied i am with this product.
Just look at it.  (and by the way i got it in brown black so the color isn't like bad or weird or anything like that) 
It's a waterproof formula so i was expecting a stickier consistency than the regular formula. but this!  this thing is goopy.  almost starchy. starchy meaning it's like pasty bordering on tacky.
the brush is your standard brush with a tapered tip so ideally if that goop wasn't all collected at the very tip, this brush would coat even the tinier lashes at the inner corner of your eyes, well, ideally, in the perfect world.

here's a before application pic:
sorry for the bad lighting, i was afraid the cam was so close that a flash might wash me out or something LOL

and here's an after application pic:
omo, seriously, may nagbago ba? did anything happen?

  • cute small packaging
  • the price, ey it's elf
  • the studio line has been here quite a while (where as back in 2009 i was emailing elf phils to bring the studio line here, nagsawa na ata sa akin mga yun)
  • the brush esp the tapered tip
  • ideally the color if you want a natural but something there shade
  • it's easy enough to remove with my etude house lip and eye (make up) remover
  • the formula, it's too goopy, pasty
  • because of the first bullet, this mascara is hard to spread or apply on my lashes
  • since it's pasty goopy sticky and doesn't dry quickly i feel my bottom and upper lash get entangled with each other, like what you feel in the morning when your eye crust gets to your lashes.
  • IT NEITHER LENGTHENED NOR VOLUMIZED my short, stick straight lashes
  • applying a 2nd or 3rd coat does not help in volumizing or lengthening
  • it doesn't hold a curl, so much for having more wax in the formula or so much for it being pastier, that curl you see in pic was gone after about 3hours
  • there's a waxy scent, it's kinda strong, oo~yes, amoy kandila (it smells like a candle~the nonscented kind)
hay i know it's cheap but i had such high hopes on this one since my other elf studio item, the eyebrow kit was such a total bomb, i super love that.  oh well, i may have gotten a bad one? i hope so.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i've been sick the past couple of days kaya hindi ako nakacomment..

go for the mineral primer

i used to think that elf is just an almost-mediocre brand..but when i tried their mineral primer & also their studio flat top brush & their eyebrow kit..i know that this brand has possibilities!

i prefer their studio eyebrow kit rather than etude house..which the latter is crappy for me

sugar sugar said...

thanks for the review. :) won't try this na.

Marge said...

omg, the mineral line, drools. yep, and candid coral and peachy are such nice shades for blush, also fr the studio line. i'd buy that than nars LOL

hay ako rin, i got sick, napagod siguro after the kpop con LOL

Marge said...

ey Sugar: you're welcome, yeah to think elf is more expensive here so the more it isn't worth it, at least in my opinion ☺

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