Saturday, December 18, 2010

REVIEW: Etude House Dear Darling Tint - Lip and Cheek Stain

I got this freebie for buying a certain amount of etude house product.

the picture below is how the product looks like for retail.


I love this thing.  it's so tiny but a little amount goes a long way and this lasts all day.


it has a a slightly slick-gel like consistency that's easy to spread and doesn't dry too quickly


it has a very natural and just gives me a flush of color that's appropriate for my skin.  and doesn't make me look like a clown.

and the stain lasts.  and lasts, and lasts on my skin.
dude it's a stain, so naturally it will stain the finger you used to spread the product on your cheeks, LOL.
i've gone thru plenty of cheek stains.  a couple of stila's and that body shop one.  both of which cost over PhP700 bucks.  while i'm ready to spend that much on a lip and cheek stain for stila.  i would not spend that again for the body shop's cheek stain.
stila versus etude in my honest opinion.  they have the same slick gel consistency that's easy to spread but doesn't dry too quickly in this hot and humid climate that we have.  both last on my oily combination skin all day long regardless of heat of humidity.  while the stila i tried and tested at the suju super show 2 concert at araneta, the dear darling i tried and tested while i (and the Benj) had that long horrible day at the DFA.  both stains stayed on my skin and looked fresh as though i had just put them on.
stila PhP700 plus...the etude house dear darling tint tadaaaaaahh a whopping PhP198 oh ha san ka pa?

i never use these tints or stains on my lips.  my lips are terribly sensitive and chap very easily.  so i just use a lip balm.


  • mine in particular is a cell phone charm, lol, but the regular retail product is the usual doe foot applicator tube thing like the body shop one in the pic above
  • lasts all day
  • the shade it's a nice cherry pink
  • has 3 shades available
  • has a certain sweet light scent
  • can be taken off easily either with their facial wipes or their happy tea time cream cleanser
  • the price!
none that i can think of

Will I repurchase:
sure once i'm done with all my other cream and powder blushes LMAO

just a foot note:  i think this is a great start up on make up or for those women who are starting to use makeup.  this is also good for our girls who are in high school or college who do not want to deal with too much fuss with make up.  this for blush and this on your lips top it off with balm and you should be ok for the rest of the day.  it's affordable, for people on allowance, too.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i also have the same one with it as a freebie. while i am not a fan of stains, i have to say that it does leave a great color & makes the blush last longer if it's underneath the blush. it's also good for those on the go for it will just take a matter of half a minute in order to blend it out so it's nice.

i find that removing the stain in the fingers is a pain in the neck though...same with brushes..

Marge said...

yeh it takes a little bit of oil to remove it rather than just soap and water. but for the price and convenience i guess it's worth it. LOL and it smells nice ^_^

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