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REVIEW: The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Cover Up -- a cheaper alternative to Clinique's


Written: Mar 01 '09
from the walgreens website:

yep, that's right i wrote my reviews on the face products a year ago.  when i first rediscovered makeup and started to fall in love with the quality of Korean cosmetics.  i got this from my account with epinions.

All skin types.Minimize pores and even out tone instantly for silkier looking skin.Just a small amount of this oil-free, gel-type concealer effectively cleans, clears and tightens enlarged pores.Made in Korea.

Cyclomethicone , Dimethicone , Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer , Acacia Senegal , Crataegus Monogina Fruit Extract , Ivy Extract - Hedera Helix , Phenllinus Linteus Extract 

Instructions: Before applying makeup base, spread sparingly over enlarged pores and shiny areas.May be used before or after makeup. 

Price:  $13.99 

My experience: 

I actually did an experiment as my sister in law recommended her primer which is the clinique pore minimizer while mine was this face shop one for half the price of clinique's.  On the left side of my face, I put on the clinique pore minimizer on my left side of my nose and left apple of my cheek, on the right side is the face shop's pore minimizer.  Where as clinique's pore minimizer is a white cream (but clinique does have different shades of this product) it applied and dried clear.  My face shop pore minimizer is a clear gel.   

Both products come in a toothpaste tube shaped container.  My face shop pore minimizer though has a more tapered end for a more controlled release of the gel from the tube.  Both applied smoothly and matted out my t-zone area.  Both only takes just a pea size amount to be applied. Both products fit well in any makeup kit or bag organizer , in those tube pocket for lipstick and mascara and the like.

Clinique's pore minimizer had a slight pleasant scent which is always nice in my opinion.  My face shop pore minimizer had no scent which is fine, too. 

Both products made most of my shallow pores disappear.  It was like asphalt on a pothole filled street.  The deeper and wider pores or pimple scars I had were made shallower and smaller but not hidden completely.  Both products' effect on my face lasted only lasted about 3 hours.  The pores came back just as deep as though I didn't have any product to hide the pores to begin with.  Adding either of the products on my pores didn't make my face oilier and my makeup didn't slide off either.  Some websites say that you need to put on the face shop's pore minimizer before your makeup for fear that the gel may just as well slide off when applying it after all your foundation and setting or face powder, I didn't not experience this.  The clear gel from the face shop's pore minimizer applies smoothly and is just as effective as though there was only moisturizer on my face.  It didn't slide or wipe away my foundation or makeup either. 

Both Clinique's and the face shop's pore minimizer kept me matte and oil free for about 3 or so hours which is ok because that meant I didn't have to keep blotting my face with oil absorbing paper or film which meant I can do more work without being conscious of the oil slick on my cheeks and nose. 

Bottom line (in my case),  if you have access to walgreens or can order online from walgreens, or live in Asia where the face shop have store outlets, why spend almost twice the amount on clinque for the same results?  Clinique sells their pore minimizer for US$17 up to US$25  where as the face shop pore minimizer is only US$13.99.  

The face shop pore minimizer is a good primer.  It has the same main ingredients (Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer) as Clinique and even smashbox's primer, these silicones provide the smoothness none greasy texture of these products, silicones are also light reflecting and are fillers so they give the illusion of shallower wrinkles and pores.  The face shop's primer has no parabens (cosmetic preservative that alot of people seem to be complaining about now-a-days) which is more than I can say for smashbox's primer.


Product Rating:Product Rating: 4.0
Pros: no parabens
cheaper than most
tapered tube end
clear gel great for all skin color

Cons: limitted availability in non-Asian countries
effect doesn't last too long

The Bottom Line: If you can find it, this is the cheaper alternative to smashbox and clinique's primers.



i wonder if you can see, the primer evened out the 'pot holes' what pores are where my 'balahibo'/hairs come out fr the back of my hand.  sure it's kinda oily, but it would really be great with someone who has dry skin.

DISCLAIMER:  like any and all products with lots of silicone derivatives this will break out anyone sensitive to the polymer.  this eventually broke me out since i have oily to combination skin who's quite hormonal at certain times of the month.  BUT APART from that this is a kick ass primer.


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