Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Another long over due review of a wonderful makeup base.

woah once upon a time i dabbed, tried and set my sights on higher end Korean / Japanese cosmetics. 


at the time i was still getting shades to match my face and not be scarily fair where as now i do my best to match my neck and chest area LOL so i'm no longer afraid of being scarily fair.  so at the time i got the number 2 natural shade.


it comes in this tube and that's the end.  i like the firm yet easy squeeze tube. and the design is simple and elegant the way Laneige is.  but can get messy. as you can see.  but that's entirely up to the end user.


kinda dark for my skin NOW but this spreads and blends out and really does look natural.


spread out a bit, there's a bit of sheen but that goes away after a while and since it's a base it's a little tacky or sticky to the touch, ready for the foundation proper.


newly applied on my face, yeh my neck is more fair phhhfft.  i forget what i was thinking or looking at when i took this shot. hehehe.  so there's not much coverage.  didn't cover my pores much either.


after foundation and everything else...haba ng baba ko, sus....angle...bad LMAO.

  • so as the name suggests it's a base, indeed my foundations do stick to it and makes my foundation last much longer, and yep this is the base i wore to the super junior super show 2 and it made my revlon colorstay for oily combination LAST even longer than its usual.
  • SPF40 at the time i bought this, spf40 pa++ was pretty hard to beat unless you bought your stuff at shiseido or vmv hypoallergenics
  • shade match, at the time i bought this, shade 2 was just right for the skin on my face
  • the packaging.  efficient and controllable squirts from the easy squeeze tube
  • easy to spread or blend with fingers or a foundation brush
  • lightly scented. but dissipates quickly for those that don't tolerate any scent.
  • does not affect the finish of your foundation. 
  • did not break me out
  • as usual, price.  since it's laneige and marketed toward the higher end of the socio-economic strata the price is something that can't be helped.
  • hardly any coverage. 

Will i repurchase:  sure if  it's within my budget.  i love how easy it is to spread and love it even more when applying my foundation on top of it.  it makes applying my foundation easier and smoother.


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