Friday, December 17, 2010

REVIEW: Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Foundation in shade #1

finally after almost using this up and after my skin has gone paler or fairer depending on your point of view, the number 1 shade finally looks just right on me.


i use this so much that i've rubbed off the gold embossed name on the plastic and just left the label beneath.


i super love the pump on this.  though the formula is watery the pump spout is big enough for thick formulas like say the revlon color stay or even thick bb creams like the missha perfect cover or the the face shop skin extra bb cream


this about just how much i apply on my whole face.  it is indeed watery but slick enough that it is very easy to spread either on a moisturized face or a primed one (i use the etude house Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream #2) 


on my hand without a flash the shade matches me perfectly, but as we all know the shade of skin on your hands hardly if ever matches the skin on your face.  but i just noticed the pic, ok this thing has good pore coverage by itself.  but actually is only light to medium coverage for scars and redness on the face.


after application.  it just makes me look fresh and alive vs just woken up and zombified. and the shade matches the skin on my neck and chest, that's rare even with my buff revlon colorstay


alas after a full day's shift...


  • the packaging, the bottle is not glass
  • the pump, it works!!! and i love how i can press it half way to give half a pump of product that i might need if i need a little more on my face
  • the formula~the watery consistency yet it's slick enough to spread out evenly with fingers or with a brush
  • the matte formula
  • good pore coverage
  • hardly needs setting
  • the shade, it matches my fair skin but doesn't make me look pink 
  • the light scent
  • the price tag in manila, this is way cheaper in korea
  • not a full coverage foundation at best medium
  • it doesn't last all day at most 6 hours
  • can bring out your dry patches even after thorough moisturization
  • need to blot every 3 or 4 hours and touch up after about 4hours.
  • most likely will not last on a hot humid day considering i need to blot in about 3 hours in an air conditioned office
Will i repurchase:
i would if only i didn't have a dozen other foundations, bb creams, bb balms waiting for me to try bwahahaha


mera said...

the name itself sounds so salad-y to me hehe.. nice review!

Marge said...

ey there mera, yeah it does hehehe, thanks for dropping by and the comment ~_^

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