Saturday, January 29, 2011

Food Tripping: Mangan at the Robinson's Galeria Branch - comfort Pinoy food

Mangan restaurant at rob gale-photocred to click the city.
the rest of the photos are mine taken with my panasonic lumix dmc-zs3
lightly fried fluffy garlic rice
my order since it's something i hardly have.
the relish that comes with dinaing na bangus.
the juicy sisig
lechon kawali
the free salabat.
it's a friday pay day night and our norm to let the traffic die down is to spend time at the mall and maybe a movie.  no movie interested the Benj, so we said no to every other movie showing since we've seen the uber funny the green hornet.  we wanted to try papajohn's but there were no seats, we wanted to try 8spices but the day before our home's Manang Rebbie already spoiled us rotten with her nestle version of bagoong thai was out.
for comfort food it's either DuRi or Mangan. it's not too expensive comfort food.

the food: it's your home cooked tasting meal.  the portions are almost tiny but at least they taste good.  my daing na bangus was fried medium well, so the meat soft but the top layer was slightly toasted.  the garlic on the fried milk fish was the same, toasted a bit but was still kinda juicy when i bit through one.  the lechon kawali was almost the same.  really crispy but the meat under the crispy skin was soft, tender, and juicy to bite through.  the sisig...i prefer my sisig dryer and crispier but then that dryer kind of sisig is something to pick at during drinking sprees while this juicier more tender kind of sisig is eaten with rice as a dish or meal.  i was surprised how small the portion was for this sisig, but then it's a hundred bucks for this viand.  
my fave: the bibingka, the no nonsense absolutely no extender, plenty of salted egg slices bibingka of mangan. an order of the regular sized bibingka comes with a cup of salabat or ginger tea.  as you can see, they give huge cubes of ginger, too.  if there is anything i would keep coming back to mangan for it's this.

the ambiance: it's a homey feel.  with the book shelve's the capis chandeliers to the water buffalo horns hung on the wall.  the waiters have plastic aprons, which kinda freak me out.

the service:   it's fast and friendly, from our orders to arrive to paying, it was quick and easy.

the price:   all of this that you see in the pix and an order of a cup of good native tsokolate is less than PhP630.  we had 3 viands and 3 orders of garlic rice, tsokolate and dessert.

word of advice though, if having lunch or brunch here and the mall had just opened, make sure the lechon paksiw is heated right through, reason why it took me and the Benj a full year to come back here is because this branch served us cold lechon paksiw.  apart from that, we'd come back here, at this branch, the one at sm north, or any branch.  it's food we can rely on.


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