Monday, January 10, 2011

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Essentials : Stick Foundation in Warm Sand

yet another overdue review of a product that got me going on my makeup addiction:
the bobbi brown foundation(s).
i have to confess, given the opportunity, if i could get this for free or have the chance to win bobbi brown foundations i would gladly join.  this is one of the few foundations that actually match the skin on my face but makes me look healthier and goes so far as to slightly match how fair the skin on my neck and chest.
i prefer the liquid foundation, as you can see, one must really be good or i have to really be good with a wet sponge to blend this foundation well on my pore-filled skin.
it has a great deal of yellow undertone.  it's bobbi brown's thing to think that everyone will look good with yellowish foundation.  agree or disagree, she's one of the few that has sand and warm sand as a shade option that both match the skin my face depending on if it's summer or winter.
if you don't blend this out well, this is what happens, blotchy blotchy and it's soooo seen on the cam. but i could've sworn this looks good IRL [in real life] LMAO. so the flash affects this no-spf-stick foundation.

  • packaging - i got the tiny one and it's great for travel, and the plastic isn't flimsy either, i've had this for a year, by now i should've been able to break the rim of the opening of the lid LOL
  • the shade - the shade matches me and even if i grow more fair, i can still pull it off as being less scarily white or vampiric hehehe
  • easy to use either with a wet sponge or a paddle shaped foundation brush, just make sure it's all blende out before taking your pic
  • creamy formula.  i've had this a yr and it's still creamy like it's new
  • a little goes a long way, it's that pigmented
  • builadable coverage
  • doesn't look washed out in flash photography 
  •  the price.  but thanks to that price i've searched high and low for an alternative and dupe and have discovered so many wonderful alternatives.
  • no spf on this particular product.  i even had an online chat on their website and specifically asked this.  and nope, no spf or pa on this particular stick foundation.
Will I repurchase:  given the opportunity to have this at a discounted price, sure.
Do I recommend this:  Indeed I do, for anyone who does not want to have to experiment, this is a quick and easy way of putting on your face.  just have a cream blush and mascara and gloss and you're all set.


laneige couture said...

love your top marge! i have one like that!!! same color! have to get it out of my baul hehe...and of course love love ur makeup...flawless!
hey marge just wanna let u know and also to ur readers im having a blogsale...thanks

Marge said...

awww thanks bhe ~_^
ey blog sale at:

good luck!

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