Saturday, January 8, 2011


i've been using this for my water line in the last couple of tutorials and well, here's my 2cents worth:
i actually am over the moon with gel liners so my attention is not much into pencil unless it's for my waterline and i super loved the performance of my styli style but that styli style was 500+ while etude's is only 300+
it comes with a sharpener, too.
on the skin it's as creamy as my styli style [which i truly hold dear, mind you].
i got the idea of running the tap on the product from Charry who did the same thing to one of her lipsticks.
so there, it truly is water proof.  so humidity proof and somewhat tear proof.  but remember, the heat of our body can melt eyeliner so it isn't just water that can run eyeliner down our faces.
those dots? that's after my not so successful attempts in rubbing off the eyeliner.  so there it doesn't streak either. my only issue?  c'maaan, you know i'd have at least one issue with this, right?
kindly, notice my lower waterline.  how not so opaque and smudged out it looks.  since this thing is just not affected by water, NATURALLY IT'S GONNA BE REALLY HARD TO APPLY THIS ON THE WATERLINE, DUH, Marge. LOL.  the stila kajal eyeliner or even my beloved styli style were way creamier on my waterline.  but the styli style in all it's creamy opacity does melt out and travel south of my waterline.

  • the honest to goodness waterproof quality of this product
  • the honest to goodness smudge proof quality of this product 
  • the sharpener, oh my gawd for PhP300ish the sharpener is such a huge cherry on top
  • does not run 
  • yet easy to remove guessed it, the etude house lip and eye [makeup] remover 
  • must i mention the price? LOL, this is etude house where you get value for money, uber cute packaging, and par performance with the rest of them, i.e. western products of the same price range prestige cosmetics, maybelline and covergirl
  • just one, it's kinda hard to make it work on my waterline no matter how many times i layer it, but i have to accept that because it merely proves how waterproof it is.

Will I repurchase:  i'm gonna try their proof 10 liquid liner next just so i can use it on my waterline.

I do recommend this to people who don't line their waterline, because on skin, like the skin on your lash line? this thing won't budge.  better applied on primed eyes for a smoother application.
well i can't type no more cuz of my kitteh.


εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

thank you for the review, gonna add it now on my gmarket list ^^ teehee ^^

Marge said...

you're welcome ^_^

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