Friday, January 7, 2011

REVIEW: The Face Shop Phytogenic Infinite POWDER Foundation - Nb23

I've been using this DAILY since the year started.  and i just get better application with my face mist and my flat top brush.  but i've discovered this oxidizes on me after just about an hour.  the liquid version of this didn't do that.  gahd, of all face products this is the one that makes my face dark in flash photography but looks just almost ok in real life.
i don't know how else to describe this.

Recently I reviewed and was wowed by The Face Shop's Phytogenic Infinite [Liquid] Foundation in NB23 ,which were samples given to me when i purchased the powder foundation.

so now i'll review the foundation i did buy.
i used it with the circular sponge that came with it. then i used it with this square shaped sponge which i now prefer over the circular sponge that came with the compact because the texture of the square sponges from Elianto is much finer that you can't see the wholes.
and then FINALLY, i used it with my elf powder brush, a flat top brush and a facial mist.
and here:
why all the trouble?
  1.  sponges well, they're tricky at least for someone who's so used to liquid foundations already, because  i  don't exactly know how much water to put in or squeeze out
  2.  there's eventually too much product wasted and left behind on or in the sponge
  3.  it's a bacteria magnet after a couple of uses simple because it's  impossible to squeeze all of the water out after washing the sponge...moisture, tropical heat inside a sponge [kulob] tada bacterial growth
it's your basic compact with a clear hard plastic covering the pressed powder itself to separate the sponge or puff from the powder.  this is different from the revlon powder foundation packaging where in there's another compartment just for the sponge that maybe wet so the underside of said revlon or ever bilena powder foundation has holes so that the sponge can dry out after use.
this is my second phytogenic powder foundation.  my first one has a silvery and square compact packaging. but also has a clear hard plastic separator to separate the puff fr the pressed powder.

it's a powder that dries very quickly either on the sponge or the flat top brushes i use.  so either i've yet mastered how to apply this thing or it really does dry quickly on my moisturized oily to combination skin.

The Shade:  this NB23 is somehow lighter and fairer on me than the liquid version of this.  so i like using this as my setting powder on my l'egere multi white bb cream. the powder is really finely milled.

Oil Control: pffft, i had better. my nose is a grease ball after only 2-3hours

it's able to cover my old grayed out pimple scars pretty well, but there's not much pore coverage as you can see here.

Lasting power: applying the powder foundation with the flat top brush and using a good base makes the foundation last a full shift about 8-10 hours but i have to blot my t-zone about 2-3times  and do a touch up at least once.  
this boy group is infinite
this powder foundation is hmmm not so much (sorry a little kpop joke)

at spf 20 i guess it's ok, 30 would be better.  since it's a powder formula, it can't have the ingredients for UVA protection which is the PA thing you see when you read the spf then the PA + something.   so have a base with UVA protection.
but i like the natural finish. i put foundation nearer my thumb and on this picture. you can hardly tell the difference between the skin nearer my thumb and the skin further away.
and it's not cakey when applied and blended correctly with my elianto square sponge or my elf flat top powder brush.
it looks very natural and i like how this shade nb23 in powder form is almost matching the skin on my neck and chest-so it's a tad more fair than the skin on my face BUT it still manages not to make me look scarily white.

Will I repurchase: No.  i had a hard time finding the right way of applying this, but that's my thing since i'm more used to liquid foundations.  i also prefer my face products to contain UVA protection, which is also something that can't be helped with powder products that can only contain UVB protection. like mentioned before i'm more likely to get the liquid version of this especially if it's gonna get me the face shop calendar with kim hyun joong for 2011.


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