Thursday, January 6, 2011


thanks to fuzkittie the youtube make up guru i was influenced to look for and purchase the most expensive bb cream among my collection. and i'm not sorry for buying this.
L'egere White Multi BB
White Multi Blemish Balm Cream
sun protect + make up base + skin cover + foundationS for 24 hours, skin white, transparent, Moisture, and elastic

that's what's written on the bottle. ano daw? [say what naooo?]
finally, i get to this bb cream. this seemingly magical product to see if the women on the internet are right about this product.
let's break it down, shall we?

it's an updside down squeeze tube. after all of the bb creams i've tried, i think, for now, i prefer this type of squirt tube. somehow i have better control squeezing out the right amount of product that i need to spread over my entire face or specific areas.

The BB cream itself:
it's a not too thick a cream. i can only describe the consistency as something between a hair conditioner and philadelphia cream cheese spread. it's very easy to spread and blend over my moisturized oily to combination skin.
This smells really nice. a very faint baby powder scent, LOL, sadly, at least i think so, sadly, the scent dissipates right away.

The Shade:
it initially starts out a tad dark on my skin but then blends right in to what my skin shade really is.
it matches my skin. but, since the skin on my face IS slightly darker than the skin of my neck and chest, then it will still not match the skin on my neck even if i apply the bb cream on my neck. the solution a setting powder whose shade matches the skin on my neck.

Oil Control:
though it doesn't really say that this formula is for oily to combination skin, it does slightly better in controlling my oily t-zone compared to my Etude House total age repair wrinkle repair royal bb cream or even compared to my missha perfect cover bb cream. the oil control of this L'egere Multi white BB cream is sorta like the face shop's skin extra bb cream, at least on my face.

Lasting power:
it says 24 hours! Maybelline 24 hour and revlon colorstay this thing is sooo NOT. never the less it lasts a full day's shift give or take a couples of hours. so about 8 to 10 hours with at least one blotting of some shine from my nose and surrounding area and one retouch with whatever compact i have in my purse.

Skincare/Blemish Balm:
it has not compounded the 2 zits i had while using this. in fact, i leaning towards the belief that it helped dried up the 2 huge a$$ zits i had during my monthly womanly thing, which is around the time i have those anyway.
Whitening effect. that's kinda hard to gauge, considering i've only been using this a week. the only time i will admit that i've gone fairer is when the skin on my face finally matches my neck and chest.

dude, unless the bottle / label shows me a number and at least one + sign, then i will consider thing to only the bare minimum of SPF and no PA protection, which is about SPF6 similar to what the revlon colorstay for oily to combination skin has.

Coverage: 'transparent' nga daw eh LMAO [it did say transparent on the bottle doesn't it?.  doesn't cover up my pores too well but hides the redness around my nose.

Makeup Base:  i've only tried this as a makeup base under my the face shop phytogenic powder foundation [meaning not with any other kind of foundation yet] and so far it made the foundation last and i only touch up once and only blot the oil once or twice throughout the entire time i have the makeup on (usually about 8-10hurs)

i had used the l'egere multi white bb cream for the first time when i took this pic.  so with the right shade of setting powder this not only lasts it will match the skin on my neck and chest.

Will I purchase this again?: at US$29.99 at [or a price starting at US$23 onwards] wow that's a tough question. but then i have a lot of bb creams to go thru before i can justify another bb cream purchase. but I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND this bb cream as a fantabulous makeup base or light coverage foundation for occassions you just super as in just can't get out of the house without something on your face.


laneige couture said...

hi marge! this one did not suit me,i had breakouts whenever i use it.ive given it many chances,still i find pimples! ive heard lots of good reviews about this,but hindi hiyang sakin kainis!

Marge said...

ey girl,
naku, i'm sorry that you're the exception. what a waste and to think it's a really pricey brand. sayang.

mhexle said...

pano po mag order nito?

Marge said...

as far as i know there is only seller that sells this i the philippines now:

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