Tuesday, January 4, 2011

REVIEW: Lioele Blooming Pop Tint - Pink

I've been meaning to review this little and simple cream to liquid blush tint.  this is my second bottle.  it took me about 6 to 9 months to finish off my first bottle.  it takes very little of this product to have a very natural looking pink hue on my cheeks.
a swatch unblended on the back of my hand.
yeh it looks baby pink.  but blended on to my skin it's a pinky veil covering the apples of my cheeks.
blended onto my skin topped with setting /pressed powder.
this is quite easy to blend out but be careful that the dots you apply on your skin doesn't stay too long unblended. it will stain your skin the way the dot or the shape of the of the applicator brush applies the dollop of product onto your skin.
on the top of my head, this liole blooming pop tint and the stila cherry crush lip and cheek stain are the only two cosmetic items that i have repurchased or have bought more than once.  i usually like something a great deal then i consume it and then move on to the next fantastic product.  so when i missed the light pink almost ethereal baby pink veil on my cheeks, i knew i had to have another bottle, thankfully my suki at multiply, Charmaine sent this over as my Christmas gift.  yes, folks, there are occasions when online sellers do that i.e.  iMomoko.com gives stuff to fuzkittie as either gifts or products to try out.

  • creamy consistency that's easy to blend and spread out
  • love the baby pink, it's just so natural on my complexion
  • light scent but goes away quickly
  • lasts on my oily cheeks all day
  • but is easy to remove with makeup remover or wipes
  • acts like a stain wherein you can still see your skin but with the pink tint veil
  • the price either on gmarket or from  my suki at multiply, Charmaine, the price of this product isn't as expensive as the body shop lip and cheek stain and the stila one.
  • not available locally
  • the packaging and applicator...it is TOUGH to get the last few drops of this product because of the shape of the bottle and that you have to scrape with that brush like a nail polish brush i also don't see how much i have left in the bottle since it's not see-through
Will I repurchase - most likely, i like this over powder blushes because powder blushes either melt off my skin, absorbed by my skin, or gets blown off, this lioele blooming pop tint stays like a stain.


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