Monday, January 3, 2011

REVIEW: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus - love love love

after my failed attempts in consuming my elf studio volumizing and lengthening waterproof mascara i just gave up.  and had to just start using my majolica. and BOY AM I GLAD I DID. 
This is a rave:
the applicator wand
the effect:


The formula is on the thin side but it should be a tad thin because there are fibers or bristles or hair that go on top of your lashes like a fiber wig mascara.  this is the first week i've been using a majolica product and i've never tried the much talked about fiber wig so the little fibers i see going on top of my lashes as i apply my majolica mascara it's something i can only assume that acts much like the famed fiber wig.  
On one side of the applicator wand is like a comb while the other side are like butter knife grooves hahaha the words escape me right now.  why? because i'm just so suuuuuuuuuuper happy with this mascara.  i was thinking if it's just rebound from that uber awful elf studio mascara.  but i'm on my 3rd day of using this and it's just hay, fantastic.


  • the formula,  it's easy to spread even with the fiber thingies.  kinda thin but not too watery
  • this majolica majolica lash expander dries quick but not too quickly that it makes it difficult to separate the lashes that have come together, where as the elf studio ewww mascara doesn't dry on my lashes at all i think
  • the applicator wand.  i first use the comb side to apply the fibers and the formula and coat my lashes.  the comb separates the lashes then if i need to i use the blunter side to add more formula in lashes that i may have this thing is almost genius
  • it does NOT flake
  • it does NOT smudge
  • it KEEPS my curls
  • does not feel heavy on my lashes
  • no chemical smell
  • it's easy to remove, well it's not waterproof or anything, still there are those mascaras that even after you remove it you feel like there's still gunk on your lashes? NOT with this majolica majolica one
  • save the best for last...IT LENGTHENS my lashes
  • i'm pretty neutral with the volumizing, it adds some volume as it should since haler it adds fibers on my lashes so i guess i should add more coats if i wanted more volume.
  • packaging - it's so so but much prettier than most at least it doesn't look daunting.

  • not available locally which will make it pricier than it should.  this is a drugstore brand but i bought it in thailand and even there it was around THB550 at a watsons i saw in Bangkok.  
so wait, Marge went to Thailand last year pa.  yeah baby last year was just a few days ago.  but so long as you keep this in room temp and UNopened then it should be good for at least a yr, 2 max.  and honestly i was expecting this thing to be dried up or something.  BUT NOPE, the formula is just like buying it new.

hay, i love this thing.  i hope i find a decent seller that won't mark up on me too much.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

I have tried the MM Lash Enamel Neo & i also love it!

You ought to try Fiberwig mascara if you like fiber mascaras. That is the best fiber mascara that i have tried so far.

I agree with this one not drying up very easily.
I opened mine...wait.. *check my blog post*
I opened it last July pa but the texture is still watery up to now!
though i haven't used it for quite sometime na.. but still!!!!

This is the reason why i love Japanese mascaras!

I used to like Maybelline's Cat eyes mascara because it's also a comb mascara but this is the best comb mascara that i have ever tried.

I will be trying Maybelline's magnum mascara later on, but i know that Majolica Majorca is one of the best mascara brand so i will definitely be keeping it on my priority list

Hope you have a great 2011,hun!

Marge said...
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Marge said...

hello there! happy new year ♥
i also wanted to get the maybelline mascara with the hello kitty packaging, LOL just for the packaging. but now with this mascara, i'm hooked. i wanna try the other majolica majolica products ☺

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