Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One of the things i purchased the local Missha store at the SM North Edsa was this tea tree mask.  i bought 3  masks that day and got my fourth one for free.
they're supposed to be chock-full of moisturizers and whatever the label says it contains.  the other night was tea tree.
OMG, the instructions are in ENGLISH!!  of course, i took it for granted that the directions would be in Hangul so i just did my normal obagi gel facial wash, pat my face down dry and put this on my face without the toner directions #1 stated i should do.
so i wait, and i was reading and delighted that the instructions and ingredients are in english.  wow 30 minutes on my face [grumble grumble]
it's soaked sopping wet with the ingredients.
hay, i waited the full 30minutes instead of the minimum 20 as the back label suggested.  it kinda felt sticky and tingly on my face at the same time.  it was cooling and soothing on my face after a long day.  the mask is tad big on my face, but i suppose that's so it would fit most faces.  the nose flap didn't fit my entire nose 0_o and since it was soaking soppy wet i was kinda leaking which made me wrap my hair.  the smell was very faint.  it smelled like a mint leaf, kinda herbal-ly.

the effect.  nope no pic of me after, hehehe.  i was a shining shimmering splendor, hahaha must be all that glycerin and castor oil.  the tea tree in this is like the 12th ingredient on here.  usually the ingredients is listed from the ingredient with the most amount in the product down to the ingredient with the smallest amount.  so it's a fair assumption for me to see that there is quite a small amount of tea tree on here.  the rest of the ingredients are the skin softeners, the alcohol etc.

my skin felt soft and supple the next day when i had to wash off what was left behind by the mask.  the supple feeling lasted well into the day.  i usually use tea tree for blemishes and the night i used this, i was hoping that the healing quality of what little tea tree there is in the mask would help me keep from getting a zit.  but about 36-48 hours later i got a little zit on the bridge of my nose.  must be all that glycerin, LMAO.

it's a skin care routine that i maybe too lazy to do compared to applying a wash off mask or a sleeping pack.  so i'm kinda iffy on the whole facial mask routine.  but i did like the effect of the product the next day.  so i'll prolly get to the next mask by next weekend.

DISCLAIMER:  i did read the part where it says it is adv to do the routine 2-3 times a week so i may have gotten better results if had tried this a few more times.

  • the packaging, it's simple and easy to tear off the top to get the product out
  • the instructions - the fact that they are in english
  • the fact that the mask is big that way, it makes room for a women of the non-petite type or MEN
  • the supple and soft feeling i immediately had after just one use of the product
  • the price, it's something from the local Missha store i can afford hehehe
  • the fact that the tea tree ingredient is way down the list.  
  • castor oil, may have given me my little zit
Would i recommend this:  sure if you have the time and have the time and don't get fidgety while you wait for something to go through it's time.
Would i buy this again: i hardly ever buy anything twice, except maybe my two blushes, the stila lip and cheek stain and the lioele blooming pop pinky tint and my peach sake stuff.


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