Thursday, January 20, 2011

REVIEW -my not so Korean 2010 - ELF ( - one of the two non-Korean brands i'll stick with


i took this pic back in 2009, when i got this package. it was a hell of a journey. at the time the elf site didn't like my Phil issued credit card. then i tried paying for it thru my paypal, and i still couldn't pay since my paypal account was created on a Philippine IP address. so i emailed back and forth with the elf cust care and finance department. jeez louieeezzz it was like going through an eye of a needle. they ended up giving this whole stash to me free of charge. and they have(had) this shipping where they use(d) fedex and the fedex man drops off your stuff at the post office [not at the shipping address you indicated on the order form] then the USPS mailman delivers the package to the shipping address you filled out. aigoo ang toxic. i wasn't actually expecting the shipment anymore. but the person to whose address i indicated on my order said they got so i was happy after all that hassle, elf [stateside] do their best to assist their customers in the best possible way. though, i work for a living and do pride myself in being able to pay my own way, it was something else to be cut some slack by a complete stranger on the other side of the world and got those for free.

in this order, i got to use and enjoy ALL THE BRUSHES, the liner part of that eyeliner & shadow stick duo. my view on the mascara is here while i'm still deciding if it's worth my time and bandwidth to lambaste that thing they call an eye shadow stick. but the liner part is love.
but now it's 2011, and we have nearly all the elf studio for about 2-3x the price but we have them none the less. we also have some of the mineral line which is great. what i am waiting for is ALL the brushes from the studio line. hint hint elf-phils!

after all that, the fact that elf-phils still hasn't brought in the studio line brushes and the complete mineral line, i will continue supporting this company regardless of what i've experienced. regardless of what people say how the studio line [especially the packaging of the shadows and blush] is a knock off of nars. cuz guess what, i can't afford nars and if elf can perform just as good then it's elf it is.
some of my elf reviews are here:

and another one i like the all over cover stick in pink lemonade.  while my opinion on their lash curler is here.
so thank you elf for being available in the Philippines, well most of your stuff. and thank you for being the inexpensive alternative.


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