Thursday, January 13, 2011

REVIEW of my almost Korean 2010 - Skin care - Skin Food Peach Sake Line

i'm seeing a lot of vloggers and bloggers have been putting up their best of 2010 or worse of 2010 or one girl, whose take on these year-enders did a video which i liked best, glintzy, that did a year end vlog that show cased items that she bought back in 2010 but either didn't use or lost interest in or didn't work out for her. so i'd like to put up something similar but stuff i've hit pan on, stuff that i've already finished the product of.
moving forward i realize that my review of the
skin food peach sake bb cream and my video on the bb cream review here:

seem to be the most read and viewed of all of my posts combined.
since i'm on to a different skin care line this year, i thought i ought to bid this hugely popular peach sake line a decent farewell review.
i used up two of each of the products you see in the initial picture.  i just had to stop using the bb cream only because shade #2 became a tad dark for the skin on my face.
the peach sake line is for women for oily to combination skin type and also their line to help with pores.  whether or not to cover up and make them look smaller or try to make them smaller is probably written hangul somewhere.

the emulsion:
is very watery creamy texture of white lotion. that dries up on my face in about a minute.  it's very moisturizing without too much the glowy look.  the moisturizing effect lasts a full day and i don't end up like a grease ball. BUT it does not affect the way my pores look like.  it doesn't hide them nor does it shrink them nor does it give them light reflecting properties to mask my pores.

the serum:
OMG this serum.  i can't say enough about this serum. it's a combination of a creamy lotion with the qualities of a primer.  AND IT HAS little tiny reflective particles that ideally mask the pores on my t-zone area and around my nose and the apples of my cheeks.  compared to most serums this one is applied AFTER you apply the emulsion.  so it's a serum moisturizer that can be a primer and keeps the oilies at bay.
the t-zone gel
this is the primer of the line.  but it didn't turn out that way.  it was too watery-gel like, it dried up pretty quickly, it didn't cover any pore.  BUT IT SURE DRIED UP MY ZITS a lot quicker than they normally dry out without this product, and any impending zit.  a primer this is not but it IS my pimple gel LOL.

  • the pump of the serum, in the two occasions i purchased the serum the pumps are easy to control, can do half pumps.  the hole of the pump the gel-cream like substance of the serum is small enough to keep the spurts controllable while big enough for something as thick as the serum.
  • the effect of the serum and the tzone block gel they were effective in different ways that i had anticipated but the effects were welcome and wonderful
  • locally available in our department stores in case you're the type who just HAS TO HAVE IT as in naoo na. 
  • the scent, i super love the scent.  it's a peachy soft scent.  it makes me feel young and fresh
  • this is a great moisturizing set for people with oily to combination skin especially for summer since they're very lightweight on my face
  • the use of glass bottles for the toner, emulsion, and the serum.  makes the products heavier than they should be and when they fall they might break
  • the prices in our department stores [in the Philippines].  
if you are willing to wait for your korean products you can try my suki.  just pm her if she has on hand skin food products and other brands.  her prices are very fair and at par with ebay / amazon prices sometimes even cheaper.

Do i recommend this:  yes, for anyone who dislikes the heavy feeling of moisturizers on the skin.  the lightweight feel of this set is divine but they are quite effective.


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