Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review of my not so Korean 2010 (& 09) - Ellana Minerals a Pinoy brand i'll stick with

This is going to be the last of my series looking back on the last couple of years since i've gotten this makeup bug. Ellana Minerals and Elf ( will be the non-Korean brands that i will be sticking with.  Which is not to say i'm not going to try other non-Korean brands like Fanny Seranno or PAC, it's just the Ellana Minerals and Elf are wonderful brands to keep one looking fabulous while on a budget.
On the side of my blog are links for the labels: ellana. For all the times i've reviewed, talked about and used ellana minerals in my make up tutorials. 
Mineral makeup, the eye shadows in particular [except for the mineral veil] do not expire.  so i can just keep on collecting eye shadow shades as much as i want without worrying it'll expire on me, ahem, cough vmv hypoallergenics, the body shop, and lush cough, ahem, cough cough. Mineral eye shadows are loose powders and do not have the binding agents that make pressed eye shadows stay pressed.  so each eye shadow is ideally all pigment and shimmer and or no shimmer at all if the finish is matte.
Ellana minerals made mineral makeup shopping very easy and inexpensive.  they send samples of their foundation thru the mail.  they sell samples sizes of their foundation if you're in the area of an sm mall in the weekend.  Ellana mineral eye shadows don't budge, don't fade during the day, hardly requires an eyelid primer, do not crease.

they have a facebook account and a website that are often updated.  and their site even listed my humble blog on their site.  Just like the elf site, the ellana minerals website accept orders and has a shopping cart.  i, personally pay via g-cash, but you can inquire if they now accept other forms of payment.  but if you are near sm megamall, sm makati, and can wait for weekends, check out their stalls near the hypermarts.

there are Korean brands that are beginning to get on the mineral band but no brand, as far as i know has beaten the afford-ability of Ellana minerals.  Congratulations Ms. Coney to you and your company, tunay kang huwaran ng tunay na Pinoy entreprenur. 


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