Thursday, January 27, 2011

REVIEW: SKIN FOOD Potiron au Lait Eye Cream - moisturizing?

wow pumpkin, pumpkin never smelled so good.
a really thick cream
once applied, a good moisturizer but sticky.
now the promise:  the skin food claims to feed our skin thus all the food names like peach sake, lettuce and cucumber foundation, coffee creamy sheer lipstick.  so what tiny pumpkin extracts there is in this eye cream, hopefully it would help my under eye area.
all i can say is it's way better than my experience with the olay total effects eye transforming cream [click to read my epinions review on that product].  which is not saying much at all because i had a hard time with that olay eye cream.  but compared to the olay total eye transforming cream, this skin food potiron au lait eye cream DOES NOT affect my under eye concealer.  it does not give me crepe eye...meaning my under eye does not end up looking like crepe paper [you know wrinkly?] like the way the olay did.  which is about the only leg up the skin food product it has over the olay one.
i think this skin food potiron au lait eye cream is just way too thick and therefore takes quite a bit of time for the skin under my eye to absorb it.  and it's sticky creamy on my upper eye lid since i have hooded lids and therefore takes even longer for my upper eye lid skin to absorb.  ick.  so basically, it's like a thick lotion on the skin around my eyes. 

  • the scent, a usual for skin food products.  i don't think there is a skin food product that i don't like the scent of hahaha
  • very moisturizing
  • does not affect my makeup
  • creamy easy to spread does not ball up - yung nagiging tuyong parang gummy basta yung parang natuyong lotion [trans doesn't ball up hehehe joke, i mean it the thing gets totally absorbed by my skin and you don't see dried up 'lotiony' edges around my eyes that when you rub out it balls up in a gummy dried up cream]
  • the packaging the fact it's in a glass tub thing, so if it falls on my bathroom tile, plaaaanngg basag [eng trans-crash broken glass] and the shape of it, it'll be hard for me to scoop out the last bits of it fr the bottom.
  • takes a tad long for it to get completely absorbed around 10mins
  • the price - bought it from the skin food at the megamall branch maybe if i bought it from my suki it would be less expensive
  • IT ONLY DID ONE THING which is moisturize - it didn't lighten my dark circles, it didn't hide my fine lines the way the body shop's woman eye cream did for me, it didn't improve my lines either.
Will i repurchase/recommend: no way.  it's a waste of time and money.  i'm sure there are other skin food products that will perform better than this one.


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