Tuesday, January 25, 2011

REVIEW with How to Use: The Face Shop Face & It Pallet 01

This actually my first pallet from The Face Shop.

somebody slap me silly if i do another pink purple smoky look, LOL yes, i have noticed.  i have a violet pink pallet from revlon colorstay and my sweet eye cup cake is on the violet dark purple side LOL.
swatched with out eye shadow base under.
way more vivid with the eye shadow base underneath each shadow.

the eye shadows are soft and creamy to apply but isn't as creamy as stila's eye shadows, or even the matte darling shadows from Etude House.  but the shadows in the FaceIt pallet 01 is easy and creamy to apply none the less.  the darkest shade isn't chalky to apply at all which was surprising.  it was the matte shade of the 4 while the rest had a shimmer or satin finish.  i prefer applying these shadows with my eye shadow base that comes part of the face shop's real secret perfect contour kit.  one thing i can say for this pallet, with or without an eye shadow base i find the shades in here more vivid than the shadows on my revlon color stay sterling rose pallet.  the shadows on the faceit pallet didn't crease on me either but stila's did, i guess that's the plus side of not being too creamy?


  • the shades are pretty by themselves and so girly
  • easy and feels creamy to apply no fall out during application.  
  • not chalky and easy to blend out.
  • didn't crease on me
  • shadows didn't fade, and yes, i tried to rub off the swatches from my arm, naturally the swatches that were on top of the eyeshadow base didn't budge while the swatches on my arm without the eyeshadow base got rubbed off but only slightly.


  • the price.  clearly, if you have the Etude House in the same bldg where the face shop is, you'd look for a dupe of the same shadows for a less expensive price.  but i need to buy this pallet because it's 800 plus plus and it got me at least one poster of Kim Hyun Joong at the 2nd Kpop con last december
  • the packaging - aisssh it's a little flimsy for my taste like cheap plastic. it just looks pretty.
  • pigmentation or color pay off isn't too great on these
  • uber short difficult to use sponge applicator 
Will I repurchase: i'm interested in the other pallet in the faceit line, 
the one with the green and yellow shades, it seems interesting and pretty to me.
And on to how i used it and ended up looking using this 01 pallet.


laneige couture said...

tfs eyeshadows are all too sheer,not pigmented and mostly shimmery. sayang love the brand though..i think they need better marketing people behind it..ben chan is busy with bench always

Marge said...

ey there, i can't agree more, the eye shadows need a lid primer for the pigments to show up more. and yeah, look at cielo, where is it now? all the focus on bench, i mean why bother getting cielo to begin with if it won't get taken cared of hay...and yep kulang sa marketing talaga, hopefully the face shop calendar and notebook makes it to the phils soon

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