Monday, January 17, 2011

There's a new kid in town - the Vaseline 2 in 1 Healthy Body Wash

My Lush stuff is running out so off i go to get some relatively inexpensive body wash. Good thing i never find anything i want at that department store that is the Robinson's Galleria that it made me ask where the body washes were, the kind sales lady directed me, to two areas, where the 'usual place' for their body washes are and a different stand where this new arrival was. tadaaah [well, she said they're new, LOL how should i know :P]


and it's sudsy, LOL.

there's a third variant which i had to say no to, a whitening body wash.  so there are three of the new body washes from Vaseline. each cost PhP59.75 so it's less than US$2 per 200ml bottle.
  1. The Total Moisture - this is the variant i'll prolly use up first.  this is also the variant that smells like the first ever vaseline lotion i've ever tried when i was very young.  so not only that it reminds me of the past it smells like lotion.  
  2. The Active Nourish - by the very name, the scent is for the sporty type.  i'm not loving the scent too much. it reminds me of a berry scented car air freshener or berry scented glade.
the packaging could not be simpler, it's just like your basic vaseline lotion with a flip cap that snaps.  the formula for both variants is an opaque white liquid like my Jergen's antibac hand wash. they are both sudsy and cleaned off the make up i swatched here pretty well:

it's not drying, both variants are a little less moisturizing compared to my Jergen's antibacterial hand wash, which is VERY moisturizing, but the vaseline body wash is moisturizing none the less. that not so moisturizing effect will be great to get that squeaky clean yet not too drying effect especially during our hot and humid summer months. 
I like the pricing of this product, it's something that can fit in a budget that, hmmm, has little room for other stuff like this.


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