Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Valentine's Day Dita Von Teese and Burlesque Inspired Look using The Etude House Petite Darling Eyes Matte Eye Shadows

So I finally get down to the matte eye shadow tutorial that was requested of me a while back. Since i'm on a budget, there was only one place for me to get matte eye shadows very inexpensively at PhP148 each.
The Etude House Petit Darling Eyes Matte Eye Shadows
Cocoa #3 darkest chocolate shade
Cafe #2 middle lid shade mauvy pink
Matte #5 all over lid color
the really pale almost vanilla shade. HOLY JEEZ wow. i love this. it's really creamy and super easy to apply. BUT it's not completely matte. this shadow is pigmented as well. a good shade for an all over wash of color.
the mauvy pink shade
the shade i used for my middle lie is equally creamy as the all over lid color i used and swatched on my my middle finger. it's very easy to apply and blend out. this is really matte and as pigmented as you'd expect a shade like this would be.
the dark chocolate shade. this one is really a dark chocolate shade but gives the dark bark shade you'd expect and does not gray out or turn black. this is really pigmented. i had difficulty applying this, it's a tad chalky. in my opinion this would really require an eye lid primer for this to be applied and blended out smoothly.
  • inexpensive
  • has about 9 shades in the matte line, most makeup companies hardly have matte shades
  • creamy and pigmented
  • easy to blend out
  • uber cute packaging
  • would be great if they come out with pallets that we can fit these eye shadows into the way mac or elf does.
  • the dark shade is chalky
Would I Buy these again.  YES definitely.
Do I recommend these: for sure, for students, for our women that want a more natural looking eye looks with no shimmers
After pix:


Kat said...

Ate Marge, I know you've gone Lunasol na but I'm currently at that stage between the board exams and residency where you find it awkward to ask for allowance.. LOL Anyway, I was just wondering which do you find better, TFS single shadows or those from Etude? I'm kinda on the fence with TFS but they're pretty okay. I just never tried Etude's shadows before even if we do have EH in Iloilo and I have to cross to Bacolod for TFS pa. I prefer TFS over EH but they do have similar products where EH is just cheaper. =)

Marge said...

the ones from the face shop, specifically the lovely me:ex line here in my post is much better than this palette i used here, but the small ones the look at my eyes eye shadows are very similar to the lovely me:ex shadows and i reviewed one here so at least you can still compare

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