Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dinner at DELICIOUS KITCHEN by Eat Well -- so so

you guess it, it was a friday and we had spend time where we were to let the traffic die down a bit. and since it was the new year, we decided to have chinese food for dinner.
it kinda felt like food i normally eat at ongpin [our china town in the philippines]
my order, bean curd with some sorta mushroom.  this is love.
the Benj's order fried spare ribs. 

The food:  the food is your average food if you've ever eaten in ongpin for more than half of your life and if your family is part Chinese and keeps on having, you guessed it Chinese food in lauriat style every time there's a get together.  and there's after taste in all our orders.  INCLUDING THE SERVICE TEA (forehead slap)  i can only attribute that to the cuisine being chinese food.  this after taste is a cross between watered down dimetapp and vetsin [oh ha ako na kumakain ng pure vetsin] and lots of sesame oil.  ok tangap ko yung after taste but the taste of their service tea is just ugh.  EVEN THE WATER tasted like soap, yeh yeh had it changed, it was the same.

the ambience :  well since it's a mall, and not IN ongpin, it's way cleaner.  it's bright in there, but that's about it.  it's less noisy if that's a factor you remark on when you eat in onpin restaurants.

the price :  we had three orders, all for PhP715.  medyo mahal, but at least you didn't have to go all the way to ongpin for ongpin tasting food.

will we eat hear again? - nope, ayoko, i don't like the after taste, they claim there's no msg, but i felt it about 30mins after we left the place.  i didn't appreciate the after taste.  and it's just oily.

what made me feel better about the evening??? Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon.  i think everyone deserves friends like pascal and maximus LMAO


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