Monday, February 14, 2011

Food Tripping: Papa Johns Robinson's Galeria --yum!

FINALLY, we got a table at the Papa John's at Rob Gale. [last friday night]  the place is always so packed! even the out side tables are always full, yes even in the heat, people are willing to sit outside just to have a slice of a Papa John's pizza.  but i'm a fan of air conditioning so it took us this long to grab a chance and eat this branch.
We were unfortunately seated near the door and their air curtain was either turned off or malfunctioning or was set too much on low.  so when the door kept opening and closing it was both a blessing and a curse.  the pizza didn't cooldown right away, but it meant i was too warm.
the chefs were behind this great big glass window thru which we can see them toss the pizza dough and assemble the pizza, which the kids had fun watching.
this is a 12 inch pizza. we ordered the all-meat, of course.  the crust is crispy thin.  super yummy meaty toppings, and the cheese, mouth-wateringly tangy and not too salty.  the tomato sauce was a good combination of sweet and sour that sorta drips down your mouth.  i can't get over this pizza!  i thought the pizza the Benj and i had at Chelsea was really good,  this was just as good but only costs PhP450.
the pasta...PhP190.  i'm afraid this one is run of the mill.  it wasn't bad, it wasn't orgasmic either.
i ordered a mocha flavored coffee.  to wash all that not so oily food down.  around PhP75.
over all i'd have to say i really really like the pizza.  the thin crispy crust topped with just the right tangy sweet sauce and it had a great helping of meat toppings from the ground beef to the pepperoni to sausages which were all well cooked.  i can eat this pizza every day!  well that's if i could actually get a table at this joint right away!  so for now it's the hit at the veranda because of it's comfort food and not so expensive prices. 
whatchathink? have you eaten at papa john's?


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