Thursday, February 3, 2011

REVIEW: ETUDE HOUSE Aqua Cure Facial Mist III Vitamin Water

I suddenly received a message on facebook requesting me to pick up a package at my usual etude house branch, the mega mall one.  A Christmas gift from Etude?? perhaps. 
I pick them up and received this vitawater spray and and a moisturizer.  well, i thought, it will be good for summer or for when my foundation is extra cakey looking that my facial sebum can't handle it.
So i tuck it away, thinking of reviewing it someday. 
Then i started using a powder foundation that was something of a challenge to use.  i'm used to liquid foundations and bb creams so it was quite a challenge for me to use a powder foundation after all this time.
i'm the girl who puts on her face when she gets to work.  and the tap water in the ladies loo is hmmm only good for washing hands but to smear that all over my face is something i would rather not do.  having difficulty with finding a liquid to assist me in applying this ggggrrrrr of a powder foundation, i turn to the vitawater given to me by etude house VOILA, i have satisfaction using this powder foundation.
a few spritses on my flat top brush to moisten the tips then dip on the powder.

and i'll be good to apply the foundation as powder turned liquid for at least half of my face.  this water saved the life of my powder foundation and a bit of my sanity.  excuse me, mahal kaya yung powder foundation na iyon tapos maiinis lang ko na hindi ko na sya gagamitin? [the powder foundation is quite expensive for me not to use it].
What's more, this water smells super nice! it's a citrusy clean smell, my brush ends up smelling so good hehehe.
  • the scent
  • fine mist spray but isn't aerosol 
  • refreshing feeling on my face even with powder turned liquid foundation while applying said foundation on my face
  • saved my sanity and the life of said powder foundation [hahaha di talaga mapatawad hoot!]
  • shape of the bottle, it's easy to handle.
  • the price, duh it's etude naturally the price is competitive for less than 500 bucks for 100ml compared to other products of the same purpose
  • did not break me out
none that i can think of
Will i repurchase/ recommend: yep ☺♥


~tHiAmErE~ said...

im not really a fan of facial mists though. i have only tried evian & the one from bench & it does refreshes the face for a while but the thought of spraying water all over my powder foundation just doesn't appeal to me anymore. i think it might even clog the pores on continued use...

but of course, this is only imo..

Marge said...

LOL your opinions matter ^_^ and indeed this is the first time i've used facial mists since the 90's [evian].
i use this mostly for that phytogenic powder foundation ;-)

kaizokumousy said...

^^ I love etude house products too!^_^ I love your blog!
btw I'm your new follower :) I've seen your link in EH philippines :) I'm also a contestant there ^_^

Marge said...

hello there, awww thanks for the compliment and thanks for the comment. best of luck to us ^_^

Marge said...

^^ I love etude house products too!^_^ I love your blog!
btw I'm your new follower :) I've seen your link in EH philippines :) I'm also a contestant there ^_^

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