Wednesday, February 9, 2011

REVIEW: IN2IT fibre free lash define Balloon brush mascara - the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara cheaper alternative

first of all i would just like to say that in2it is actually a japanese brand some of their products are made in thailand, it says right on the packaging. i did a search on just in2it and found a reviewer on  if you read her words too quickly, it would seem that she said that in2it is Philippine brand, when she probably just mean that there's a new brand sold in Philippine dept stores ;-) la lang oc-oc :P
the givenchy
so even from afar i can already see that the givenchy 'morning star' of a mascara applicator has shorter spikes, oh well i could be wrong.
before application:
after application

the how to use is here
the formula:  it's a really really dark true black slightly runny and smooth to apply formula.  one coat should suffice or you'll end up like me, with clumps.  it doesn't dry too quickly but doesn't take forever either.  it gave me a chance to completely coat my lashes without my lashes getting to sticky with the formula.
disclaimer:  eye lashes, depending on their growth, have a mind of their own, so when you curl your lashes they can kinda go where ever they wanna go [e.g. just like hair on your head or armpits, sometimes the growth of two strands end up have the tips skewing into each other-tumuturo sa isa't isa or apart - pa taliwas sa isa't isa].
the promise: more volume and length.  waterproof and long wearing.  fiber free.  no smudging.  easy to remove.  has aloe and jojoba oil.
MY EXPERIENCE - with the ball morning star looking tip, it promises to reach even the shortest strand of eye lash on both inner and outer corners of your eyes.  my results were more on the volume, not much on the length.  and i was able to coat my lashes even the ones at the corners of my eye.
throughout the day: the curl didn't stay up. but didn't smudge and didn't flake.  i didn't end up with my upper and lower lashes touching each other like i have morning i crust the way elf studio ewww of a mascara did to me.  the formula is a tad thicker than my current love and fave japanese mascara [with fiber]-my majolica majorca lash expander frame plus.  it was, indeed, easy to remove.  it was in flakes though, on my cotton pad.
the price- PhP299.75 and available in department stores that carry in2it cosmetics.  which by the way, is getting my attention, for the cute but practical packaging, inexpensive price and the fact that fascio [the other japanese brand i want to try out] got pulled out, hay what's a girl to do :p

  • packaging, it's small enough that it can fit in my makeup kit
  • the formula, not too runny with just the right amount of thickness that dries up quickly but not too quickly once applied on lashes.
  • didn't smudge or flake on me
  • waterproof
  • volumizing
  • easy to remove
  • didn't lengthen my lashes too much
  • couldn't hold my curl
  • had to google how to use the funky wand
WILL I REPURCHASE - jury is still out on that, for now this brand interests me as the inexpensive alternative [just like etude house] to the usual 'drugstore brand, e.g. revlon, maybelline, covergirl.  


sugar sugar said...

thanks for this review marge! :) try etude house's mascara that everyone is raving about and i'm trying out lash stiletto maybelline's mascara now. it's really good. i'd personally recommend it to you. :D

Marge said...

ey Sugar ☺ you're welcome ♥ sure, i'll try out the etude mascara, thanks for the heads up ☺

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