Tuesday, February 8, 2011

REVIEW: Skin Food Aloe Sun BB cream in shade #1 - omg!

Have i told you i was so as in super so into skin food at one time? and take note i bought at only one branch, the megamall one, hahaha ikr?
i was so into skin food that i got to accumulate enough points to get their points/discount card in less than 4-6mos! yeh that's almost every pay day that i bought something there. i even used to buy man stuff for my man just to rack up the points. today though will not be a product rave but a rant.
same packaging as their ginko bb cream  which i also reviewed.
i was impressed with my first ever bb cream, which was the ginko that i bought their peach sake bb cream and this aloe one.
it's thick like the ginko bb cream.  this thing smells like aloe, which i don't like.
and it's thick
and once blended into my skin
i really really liked how it blended into my skin, and how natural it looked and how it matched the skin on my face to the skin on my neck and chest.  it had great pore coverage
and it looks 'natural'
natural on me means uneven yellowish skin tone, this evens out my skin tone, not too heavy, just right. [the pic right above is taken with my face already topped with my setting powder.  HOWEVER, my t-zone got oily in about AN HOUR, yep, one as in 1 hour.
what i learned, it's a great foundation, moisturizing, medium to build-able coverage.  BUT 5 DAYS LATER
hay.  it gave me 2 zits and a blackhead.  so you may ask, Ate Marge! baka malapit ka na magkaroon? [maybe you're about to have your period?] nope, malayo pa po [i'm far off from having my period yet]
maybe it's stress or pollution? nope, my l'egere white multi bb cream didn't do this, in fact the entire month i was using my l'egere white multi bb cream i had no, as in none what so ever, in fact a couple of weeks of really making sure i go the full menstral cycle of using my l'egere white multi i did a vlog for a product rave. i was that happy with it.  so to my utter disappointment after five days of using this aloe bb cream from skin food i get this.  yep, it isn't over night that one gets zits so i'm sure that i was using the product for at least five days.  and the next day after i had taken this pic, i got another one near my chin. grrrr.


  • awesome shade on me
  • moisturizing
  • great pore coverage
  • buildable medium to full coverage can cover scars and redness
  • lasted about 6-8 hours with just blotting and one just one touch up
  • comedogenic as in blackheads on my forehead and chin
  • caused my pimples there in that picture i didn't even bother to hide the pores of.
  • i got oily within an hour of application
  • the smell 

Will I repurchase? - hell no.  one of my subscribers and followers told me already that this aloe variety gave her problems, but i bought the thing already so i wanted to try it out, and there you have it.  the nearly flawless skin that my l'egere white multi gave me is now pimpled.  and yes, i'm back to using my l'egere in the hopes that it helps my zits dry up quicker.


sugar sugar said...

good review marge and i'm sorry this bb cream didn't work out for you. :(

Marge said...

ey Sugar, thanks for the comment, yeah, i'm sorry, too, it's looks nice on me, but the consequence is not 1 not 2 but 3 pimples, nyakahaha ☺

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