Wednesday, February 2, 2011

REVIEW: SKIN FOOD Sugar Dessert Shadows


from left to right
Sugar Dessert Shadow #6 Gold Cookie
Sugar Dessert Shadow #14 Satin Bordeaux Choc Choc
Sugar Dessert Shadow #9 Navy Cookie
below is a pic of the shadows applied without eye shadow base - the shadows hardly show up, especially the gold cookie.
below is a pic of the shadows applied over eye shadow base - with the eye shadow base and on my eyes the shadows are more vivid and less chalky to apply.  it isn't bec i have poor lighting these shadows are difficult to see without applying a lot and over an eye shadow base.
The shadows look wonderful in the pan don't they?  it's why i got them to begin with.  unfortunately when i started using them they were difficult to apply, they were chalky and to be brutally honest, chunky.  i was disappointed.  after struggling with the application the golden shade eventually popped out and was a brilliant gold on my eyes in real life, if only my flash didn't wash the gold out.
the choc choc #14 shadow was a shadow i thought to be of a burgundy shade.  but it's more of a brown than red.  it has shimmers that i really like but the shimmers get blended out, so have a sponge applicator for this one instead of a brush otherwise the brilliant shade would get blended out into something muddy looking.  hay, these shadows made me go back to something pricy, which is theBalm but at least those are easy to work with and are not chunky. 

Likes :
  • shade selection is vast compared to other Korean brands just check out their website
  • the packaging, easy to bring around and the see-thru top allows you to see the shade inside
  • chalky difficult to apply then when blended out it ends up muddy
  • pigmentation is hit or miss, requires an eye shadow base
  • pricing in Manila
Will I repurchase/ recommend - nope - i'm sure they have eye shadows that aren't the 'baked' or seemingly baked variety that will perform better.  they have pallets that interest me.

tutorial using mostly skin food products





laneige couture said...

u look more and more like a korean nah!! bagay!

Marge said...

hehehe a korean pop idol? [i can only hope hahaha]
thanks, sis ☺♥

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