Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and finally TONY MOLY - a series of long over due reviews and tutorials

afaik, there are 3 variants of this backstage collection, currently at 15800 skwon (PhP 613.974), i paid a little more to my suki  for her contact and the tax and shipping and handling, still, i didn't pay 2 separate prices for a separate gel liner and an eyeshadow duo.
this eyeliner brush is just as wonderful as my maybelline studio and the face shop's gel liner brush.
when i bought this i didn't have too many golds or browns in my eyeshadow collection.  i'm glad now that i got it.
the gel liner, it's in the middle of my bobbi brown long wearing gel liner and my maybelline, so it's really manageable to apply and i take these gel liners over liquid liner anytime.
swatches.  i'm sorry the lighting washed out the shimmers.  the golden lighter shade is shimmery.  but the glitters are so fine and isn't chalky to apply. it's between a satin and shimmery finish.
the darker shade has shimmers as well but not overt, this one had a satin finish.
hahaha, the water test yep, when getting water thrown at you, your makeup won't come off just dab a paper towel over your face and you should be good as  new LOL.

  • packaging, it's sleek yet practical two in one product with the gel liner at the bottom and eye shadow duo on top, comes with a mirror and a gel liner brush.  it's tough to beat that for PhP700!
  • the quality of the eye shadows, they weren't chalky at all, they were smooth to apply with a sponge tip applicator or an animal hair brush [elf eye shadow brush]
  • the liner is pretty good too, love the brown/black-ish color, kinda reminds me of my sepia ink bobbi brown gel liner
  • no fall out during application. 
  • do not crease
  • easy enough to remove with makeup remover
  • and look, the water didn't smear it
  • the price
  • not available locally, which is a blessing in disguise imho, otherwise it might become overpriced when the tony moly brand do not have iverly expensive products
will i repurchase: yep, the other two shades when it fits the budget already.
do i recommend: yep, it's cheap, fast and easy to use the way it was easy to use on my vid here:


sugar sugar said...

interesting product! you're tempting me to but this marge! hahaha! =D

Marge said...

ey Sugar, LOL, honga, it's very handy and the quality is par with the usual suspects ☺♥

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