Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Daily Skin Care: Tony Moly Pore Clear

i bought this set awhile back.  it's what i replaced my beloved skin food peach sake skin care routine with.
my first step after cleansing my face is this toner.
the toner is the lightest toner i've tried so far.  it has a clean scent, not floral, not citrus but something i can't describe.  i'm running out of this so i ordered another of this toner from my suki Charmaine-kkochipida.
my step 2 is the pore clear lotion.  it really is like a lotion but not as thick as hand lotions or creams.  this easily spreads and but takes a tad bit before it gets absorbed.
my step 3 is the serum or in this case is their essence.  this is more like a gel like substance really slick to apply. but gets absorbed quicker than the pore lotion.
i use the pore lotion and essence during the day while at night i use the last product i have in the line, their pore clear.
of the creams in this line it's this pore clear i like best.  it's a tad thicker than the essence but smoother.  this makes me think/feel i have no pores LOL.  all the creams here are very moisturizing but my oilies is controlled better by my peach sake line.  
Disclaimer:  i keep using these pore clearing pore assisting products in the hopes of making my pores smaller. but in fact once your pores are widened either by popping zits or black heads or just by having near open pores because of having an oily skin type, nothing will close pores back to the way girls with dry skin have closed pores.  nope, aint gonna happen.  and my disclaimer is i know nothing will help my pores, but i keep buying these because they're also formulated for oily-combination skin so at least it's for my skin type.


  • tony moly is supposed to be one of the least expensive Korean cosmetics brands, but by the way their packaging is done it looks not  cheap at all
  • the pore clear and essence feel so good on my skin and are very moisturizing without me looking like a grease ball 
  • didn't break me out
  • keeps my skin supple, moisturizing effect lasts throughout the day or night
  • the scent is pretty light and ok
  • so moisturizing that it's easy for me to apply bb creams or foundations on my skin after absorbing the creams on my face
  • still not locally available
  • the packaging LOL, i like and dislike it, well the fact that it's made of glass, so i need to be careful and keep it from cats or by the time i get home i'd have broken glass on my floor.
will i repurchase? sure, i've already ordered at least the toner for now, why? it's inexpensive compared to other brands like skin food or the face shop.  

do i recommend? definitely if you're exploring different brands of skin care, tony moly is a brand to try and the many times i've ordered from my suki Charmaine-kkochipida her prices are fair and pretty close to the prices you actually see on the tony moly website plus a little mark up for her effort with her contacts there and her shipping.  i actually bought this set in bangkok and it was a tad pricey because the place i bought it from was in mall.  so in a way it's a blessing in disguise that this is only available through online ordering.

has anyone else tried tony moly stuff?

ciao ^_^


sugar sugar said...

great review marge! i have also changed my skincare routine. :) i haven't tried tony moly's skin care line but i do have their lip tint. :3

Marge said...

Sugar! ☺♥ nagtataka din ako sa tony moly sa kamurahan ng presyo nila yet quality products with pretty packaging, but yeah this set is up to par with the rest of the usual suspects LOL

Dithju Ga-an said...

saang branch ka po nabili neto?

Marge said...

sa thailand ko nabili ito eh. phase out na itong line na ito, they have something else for the pores ;-)

Dithju Ga-an said...

aahh .. ano po ung new line nila? gusto ko pong itry eh :) thanks!

Marge said...

doctor something kyeme ac chorva, di ko rin know LOL

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