Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Product Love: KISSFULL LIP CARE No.02

my nightly lip savers.  i had used up the one on the right the kissfull lip care in stick lip balm form so i went on to the one on the left, in the tube thingy hehehe.
picture above shows the clear gel that kinda looks like a face primer.
picture above shows my spent lip balm LOL.
thanks to these two my really chapped lips stay manageable.

  • small and handy, not in a pot or tub
  • applies smoothly and not waxy
  • love the light peachy scent [no.2] that does not smell like old candles
  • effective in keeping my lips almost crack free
  • NO FUNKY GUNK in the morning or anytime.  like when you apply lip balm too thickly and after a few hours later you have a white line near at the very opening of your lips? combination of lip skin, saliva and the product, ewwww.
  • relatively inexpensive, sure there's carmex, nivea, but i like my etude :P
  • takes a little of the product on my lips to last the whole time i sleep which around 6-7 hours.
  • too few flavors
  • the gel type one is a tad more expensive than the stick form
Will I repurchase? maybe not now, there are more etude lip care/balm types i wanna try out LOL
Do I recommend? definitely, i mean look at the packaging, it's tight and secure, the stick balm has a cover that encompasses most or at least half of the container compared to other brands, yeah i mean you burt's bee's where you have a tiny cap at the tip and sooner or later the tip/lid gets lost in your bag, and naturally what ever you're looking for is the last thing you find in your bag LMAO :P 


sugar sugar said...

great review marge! will check this out the next time i visit etude house. :)

Marge said...

Sugar! ☺ hehehe thanks beh, yeh, i forgot to add, no weird taste ♥ yeah, keri sya, to think lagi ko dehydrated and my lips are always the first to get victimized by my coffee drinking and not drinking enough water :P

CHARRY said...

wow this I have to check. Thanks for the review ;)

Marge said...

ey Charry, thanks for passing by, yep this tastes nice naman ☺♥

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