Thursday, March 31, 2011


it was lunch period and we didn't want to eat at our pantry since our concessionaire is on their way out to be replaced we're sorta afraid of the quality of food going to be served by people that got fired by our company. 
and we end up here, because truth be told, the food here is very good.  they serve singaporean - chinese food here.
but there were only 3 waiters and there are 15 tables.  simple right? 5 tables per waiter?
we ask for something put our condiments on and we get this oil stained thing. 
it was lunch time and these office types are here for good food.
and the servers were all over the place.  
this place serves unlimited hainanese rice, well the limit is set by your patience when the super busy and harassed waiters and 1 waitress either understands you, remembers what you asked for or sees you at all.  

the prices at this place is for your basic office person budget about PhP100-PhP130 without drink.  
our experience today was:

  • one of my office mates nearly got his pants splashed with the food of  previous occupants' of the table we took over after having waited what seemed like 10mins or so for our table to be cleared to begin with
  • the food arrived timely enough the funny incident is the food of our table mate arrived ahead of his spoon and fork, while we had spoons and forks but we were waiting for our food
  • so eventually our food began to arrive one by one.  
  • but we didn't get our service water til much later, our table mate didn't even get water at all [but the dude eventually got his spoon and fork, eventually]
  • it was VERY difficult to get the attention of the waiters and to get waited on.  but eventually we got our extra rice.  my office mate had to get up and call the attention of the cashier to get us our extra rice.
  • then my office mate's water was hmmm shall we say contaminated with something clear, so my camera couldn't pick it up.
over all don't come here on a peak hour like lunch, but the food's good.  they are so undermanned that the last time we were here the owner was busy running back and forth serving the food along with his waiters and waitress.  thank heaven's you pay as you order otherwise you'd be waiting for your tab but get it eventually.


sugar sugar said...

awww... i hope their management does something about their service. i have yet to try this place out. and i prolly won't go during their peak hours. LOL!

Marge said...

hay oo, sayang toh, sarap pa naman and affordable.

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