Wednesday, March 9, 2011

REVIEW: Etude House Good-bye Dark Circle Eye Cream

since my journey began i've tried olay [total effects], the body shop's woman, skin food's potiron, bobbi brown's hydrating eye cream.  and by far what has worked to diminish my fine lines was the body shop's and bobbi brown's.  the rest were just very moisturizing, including this good-bye dark circle eye cream.

i like how it's easy to access the cream, very hygienic [instead of having to dip you finger into a glass tub when you lost your plastic spatula because your cat was playing with it hehehe yez true incident] :P
it's a white not so thick cream, sorta like the consistency of my neutrogena facial sunblock.
yep, you guessed it. after nearly going thru the tube, my dark circles especially on my left is still there
hahaha no way i'mma gonna post a whole pic of me again :P

  • upside down tube, hygienic dispensing of the product
  • moisturizing
  • does not affect my under eye concealer/foundation no crepe eye effect
  • easily absorbed
  • smells nice, kinda citrus scent
  • price for a moisturizing cream for the content it has/had was pretty ok
  • didn't work
will i buy again? prolly not
will i recommend - maybe if you have a mild case of under eye circles only.


sugar sugar said...

i haven't tried any eye creams but i probably should soon! :D thanks for the review marge. btw i tagged you on my blog. =)

Marge said...

ey Sugar! awww thanks for the tag, ye, no prab sa review. it's been waiting for me to publish it, i thought actually finishing the last drop would improve my dark circles...ah well, next?! :P

xinzy said...

weren't you suppose to use this a few times before it actually works?

Marge said...

Xinzy: yep, i've almost finished the tube already, and still it hasn't worked, that tube was fatter when it was brand new.

Marge said...

weren't you suppose to use this a few times before it actually works?

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