Wednesday, March 23, 2011

REVIEW: Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750

ERRATUM:  this brand is now available at SM Makati and hopefully spreads to nearly all sm branches esp my favorite, sm megamall!


the plastic box that came with this pallet had instructions or an illustration on which shade goes on what part of your lid.  albeit the instructions are in japanese, they are numbered so i basically got it, but LOL didn't follow it.
i've used this in my last two tutorials and the shadows are very pigmented and do not crease.  they are so easy to blend.  they are are even softer than my stila shadows and even theBalm shadows i have.
now i get it why fuzkittie keeps on using the sponge tip applicators that come with these shadow pallets,  they are so wonderful.  the sponge rubber tip is very fine compared to the not so good sponge tip applicators that you may be used to with western brands.  the sponge tip applicator that comes with this majolica majorca pallet is very sturdy and wont disintegrate when you wash it or while using it.  since the texture of the shadows are uber soft, i would advice to use this applicator than a brush.
photo below taken with the flash on:
photo below taken without the flash on:
i got this particular pallet because it had the most unique combination of shades.  while the rest are either in the pinky shade or the neutral shade and the usual purple smoky shade.  i got this in watson's in bangkok last year.  huhuhu they have it in watson's.  but wait there's more!  our watson's will have majolica majorca soon, too!  watch out for further announcements on the majolica majorca philippines facebook page, for now they are saying that they're coming soon.  while Nikki of askmewhats says the launch should be either last week or this week.  so watch out watson's sm makati wuhuuut!  imma gonna visit you after so long!


  • shimmery shades
  • really pigmented shimmery shades
  • uber as in uber soft powder, softer than my stila and theBalm eye shadows
  • do not crease
  • not chalky
  • the rubber sponge tip applicator is just right for applying the shades
  • isn't that blue, old rose faded pink, golden vanilla shade to die for?  while that olive green is very versatile.  i'll just have to ask another person if it looks good on me. [lol i don't think green is good on my skin at least not that kind]
  • the fact that Shiseido came out with a sister company/brand for a drugstore brand like this.
  • currently not available locally, which will end soon most likely by April we'll see this brand available and popular in metro manila 
  • the price ah well it's japanese so it's a tad pricy, this pallet is around PhP770 [converted fr Thai Bhat]  
will i get the other pallets? you can bet on it!
do i recommend this brand: definitely


sugar sugar said...

marge update us if you visit their store in sm makati ha.. :D and etude house sells a sponge tip applicator too w/ extra sponge heads! i am loving it ahaha! :p

Marge said...

yep, definitely will, after sweldo ☺♥ addict na ko sa eyeshadow pallets LOL

Marge said...

yep, definitely will, after sweldo ☺♥ addict na ko sa eyeshadow pallets LOL

Jemimah Sandiego said...

can you also do a review po on their Skin Lingerie pore cover...
I love Majolica Majorca products, the packaging makes you feel like a royalty. :)

Marge said...

i'd love to, it's just that MM's prices are a bit steep compared to my usual Korean branded products. :'(

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