Sunday, March 27, 2011

REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup Foundation - the new kid in town

as some of my readers know especially the ones that breeze through the right hand side of my blog, one of my highest read entries is about my revlon colorstay liquid foundation with softplex for oily combination skin with spf6.  ever since that foundation and when when michelle phan said that revlon is the king of drugstore foundation, revlon is just a brand i keep going back to for any product they might have from their foundations to their hair colors.
i used to also have the mineral makeup fever but eventually i moved on.  i didn't even bother with revlon's mineral foundation, you know the one, the one with the really bad brush on top LOL, though that foundation was good, too.
but this new mineral foundation of theirs, has a fantastic synthetic brush.  that you can take out of the packaging, but cleverly has a spot on top of the lid for easy access, removal, and travel with.
this synthetic brush is suuuuuuuuper soft but very compact and dense.
the photo above was taken without the flash turned on.  it applies the foundation creamily.  and this foundation has sparkles. I'm sorry if my camera couldn't pick up the sparkles but this foundation does not have a matte finish.  there was a cooling sensation while applying the foundation a big difference compared to other mineral foundations i've tried, i.e ellana's, every day minerals, and BE [bare escentuals] that actually felt drying on the face while blending them in.
the photo above has the flash turned on.  with just spf 13 and sparkles, this foundation is not that reflective and the skin on my neck is still a tad more fair than the skin on my face.
the photo above was taken right after i had applied my l'egere white multi bb cream and the mineral foundation to set and as my foundation.  while the photo below has the rest of my work face on with no flash from my camera.
the photo below was taken with the flash turned on.  i must admit the cam was a tad too close to my face so my face might have reflected.  
the sparkles didn't show up.  but i do blot some sparkles off when i wipe off some of my oilies.  
photo above is taken with a flash and about 12 to 13 hours has passed wearing this foundation.  so definitely, with just oil blotting film once or twice the entire day, this foundation did last on my face.  no touch ups.  i haven't tried this under really harsh conditions as in being in the tropical heat and humidity for 14-16 hours like my colorstay liquid foundation, but i'll keep you updated.

  • fantastic brush, super soft and dense
  • really nice cooling and creamy sensation while applying the foundation.
  • has fine sparkles, so a little on the glowy finish without making me look like a disco ball
  • lasted long enough, i didn't need to touch up with a powder and just blotted out my oils about twice a day.
  • my skin has not reacted violently yet to this, been using it about 5 days now.
  • spf13 is better than no spf at all
  • shade match, i have fair/light which is the second shade from the lightest.  it's a tad more yellow than my buff so i find it a better match for the skin on my face.
  • lasts, does not fade, it's almost like my liquid colorstay, well almost.
  • covers my pores well
  • not itchy upon application 
  • loose powder form which is the nature of the product, can be quite messy if i'm not careful
  • light to medium coverage, can get cakey if i try to build it up under my eyes.
  • sorta crepe-d up my revlon age defying concealer under my eye, but that might be my fault
  • the price! omg, PhP1295 [US$29ish]  for 0.35oz or 9.9g wow, yep, i bought this on a whim LOL idk if it's foundation and the word colorstay on it, i buy LMAO yeah i'm a drone :P  thank the gods of olympus it takes just a little of the product to cover up my pores and to apply on my whole face so this tub should last me at least 6-9mos.  it's actually at most US$13.99 pffft still a tad pricey for a drugstore brand.
  • it expires, after 12mos upon opening. huh? mineral makeup that expires? ok whatever i'll get through this way before the year is up anyway.
will i repurchase?: hmmm, i'll think about that, i still want the photoready LOL, if revlon comes out with a photoready WITH THE COLORSTAY technology then i'll get that :P
do i recommend: well, sure you get the bare escentuals sparklies without the itchies :P
has anyone else tried this foundation with buko juice [coconut water]? lmao 


sugar sugar said...

great review marj! this looks like a promising product. :)

Marge said...

ey Sugar! yeh, i'm not in love with it yet because of what i may have done to my under eye circle concealer, but i do have a big crush on this thing :P

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