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Victoria Jackson Survival Kit full review- shadows that stay - pallet pix by

Photocred for the disassembled pallets by Shen Embuscado of
the day pallet:
on skin:
the middle color is actually an olive green.
the applicators
except for the sponge applicator, they are all animal hair, soft and not poky or scratchy.
the blush
i hardly use the blush, i'm more of a very pale light or bubble gum pink blush girl with just a hint of gold specks   these days.
the night pallet
on skin:
These shadows were difficult to wash with soap and water from my arm.  what you understand from that statement is up to you.  but i was impressed,  LOL, so you can be in a cat fight and be thrown water at and your shadows will stay put, hehehe. Of the two eye shadow pallets i prefer the night pallet even for the day time.
lip pallet:
and applied
they dried out my lips, they're not as pigmented as they seem to be in the pans.
the booklet that comes with the survival kit has the 'no makeup makeup motto.
but it doesn't mean that the shadows are not pigmented or that they're chalky.
and here we go, apart from the bold, eyeliner that's winged out, for an office look, i used the warm shades of the day pallet.
at the office look:
the neutral pallet can be made dark or as light as you apply it. so either pallet, actually, can be used at night for smoky eye looks
valentine's day look. but using the day pallet.  so at the outer corner of my lids were the burgundy dark shade.
my usual office look, using the warm or day pallet.  the point of which is to look polished and not like you're hungover watching a bunch of Koreans at the Araneta the weekend before :P
i've been using the eyeshadow pallets daily since my man bought it for me.  
Eyeshadow Pallet: 

  • varied shades
  • matte to satin finish no shimmery shades in keeping with the no makeup makeup motto
  • DO NOT CREASE, so no, i don't use an eyelid primer.
  • darker shades can get muddy or chalky to apply better, in my case to use the sponge applicator to make it easier to spread out and blend
  • last all day, do not fade or slide and so nope i don't use an eyelid primer
  •  no shimmer shades
The Lip Pallet:
  • lasting
  • smooth to apply
  • the middle color, the coral-y red shade is my fave, compliments my complexion
  • drying
  • limited shade variety
  • lip brush is made of animal hair, i prefer cream stuff to applied with synthetic brushes, taklon or something.
The Blush:
too dark no matter how light handed i apply them, so i hardly use them.
The Eyeliner - your standard black pencil eye liner that melts south of your lash line after about 4-6 hours even in an airconditioned room
The Lip Liner - i hardly use lip liners, but if i did, it wouldn't be as dark as the shade they packaged with the survival kit.
The Mascara.  
  • the formula, it's smooth on the thick side but still very manageable to apply without clumping right away
  • thickening or volumizing
  • really really black
  • does not hold my curl
  • not lengthening
  • can end up giving you raccoon eyes if you apply too much on a humid day. 
What i love about this kit is that i can mix and match the shades.  most likely i'll end up using the blush shades on my eyes as well for a hint of warm shimmer shades.  Naturally, i love the packaging, i mean, what gadget nerd wouldn't?  i call it my swiss knife of makeup!  

Photocred for the disassembled pallets by Shen Embuscado of, the rest of the pics like my arm, my face, the kit, and the brushes are mine.


sugar sugar said...

i'd have to agree with you on the packaging! but you said this kit does not have shimmers. :( overall this is a good kit especially if you're travelling bec. it's such a pain to haul around so many makeup. =)

Marge said...

true, the packaging is very convenient and truly has the basics to make someone look good even thru the stress of traveling :P
but no shimmers, that would be on their mystic eye pallet(s) review on that coming up ☺♥

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