Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today at The Face Shop - Megamall - a new Kim Hyun Joong Poster and paper bag

Ayus! the strap of my cam hangs down there on the right, and yep, it's still ss501, the boy group hyun joong used to be the leader of.
Last month was calendar/planner promo month and finally i pick up mine.   February was a busy month and i couldn't pass by my favorite branch, Megamall. but today i finally visit, where Grace, the store manager, greeted me with her usual bubbly smile.  well, hers and leader's smile, of course!  good grief! a new poster promo LOL.  naturally, i had to have at least one!  and probably another come next pay day ;-)
so i pick up a few things,  yeah, that shimmer brick isn't bobbi brown's but one of the face shop's own version of the famed bobbi brown's shimmer brick.  along with are a couple of pressed shadows a violet burgundy shade and something that to me looked like a satin-y kitten [of stila] eye shadow. you can either get those single eye shadows and/or get a pallet, like the way mac or elf does with their eye shadow pallets. the yellow eye shadow is a cream shadow.  i got another one of their face it lipsticks with essence in the middle this time in a more orange-y coral shade.
so i got a poster, the calendar that has been waiting for me, and one paper bag.  LOL almost a yr ago i was in bangkok buying up all the tony moly i could buy to get posters of leader since there is no tony moly in manila.  and now i'm glad i did that! just so i'd have these as part of my collection because last feb [2010], i didn't even know that 1.) the tony moly contract would not be renewed and 2.) that leader would switch to the face shop.  it truly is a whirlwind following this guy.
see the difference between the two brands?  while the face shop is exhibiting leader to be some sweet friendly guy next door who could be your bff, tony moly was flaunting leader's more manly side.
so hyunies, which side of leader do you prefer?

by the way, the poster promo [the poster with the bow tie for every PhP800 purchase] runs this whole march.
simultaneously, a diary/notebook with leader's almost the same photoshoot pix, [huwow, byj, did you just lend him for just a day??] is on going this march. you get a free diary/notebook for every single receipt of PhP2k.  good luck, i'm pretty sure, mr citi, hsbc, standard charter awaits. :P


sugar sugar said...

you got so many nice stuff. will be looking forward to your reviews. and the faceshop isnt kuript with samples ha.. :) haha!

i think i like the faceshop's version more. ;)

Marge said...

ey Sugar! yeh, imma really liking their single eye shadows. i just had to control myself from buying as Grace the store manager said there'll be more hyunjoong promo's the whole year 2011. so i'll get more when the new promos come out. they are so pigmented and has shimmers. i'll get some more etude house single shadows to compare ☺♥
and awww, tfs was never koripot to me, as far as i can recall, stocks lang talaga kalaban pag walang mabigay ☺♥

laneige couture said...

hi marge! would love to see some lip swatches of the corally orange shade looking for one,tired of pink already!
and besides tfs lippies are really great! they always have colors that are hard to find locally.

Marge said...

hahaha, ikr, me, too! imma gonna get some stuff fr etude rin just to compare lippies and eye shadows, sure i'll compare swatches ☺♥

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