Sunday, March 13, 2011

Victoria Jackson: Mystic Eyes Review with Swatches

erratum:  this is around PhP1500 SRP when bought by itself without the promo with the survival kit and without the membership card.

thanks to this brand i've become addicted to eye shadows. LOL.  this, their mystic eyes, warm pallet, is their party eye shadow pallet.

swatches of the shadows first pic taken without the flash on:
pic below is taken with the flash turned on:
i gotta tell yah, these shadows are very pigmented.  the gel liners worry me though, because as the great pinkiecharm keeps saying about these all in one kits. when you keep cream/gel products with powder products in one pallet, the gel/cream products will dry up sooner than later, so i'm so into this pallet for the shadows and not so much for the gel/cream liners. [my bobbi brown long wearing gel liner in sepia and my maybelline studio gel liner in black both of which are both still usable are both more than a year old, are still my go-to liners].
i love this warm pallet, and hopefully, i get the blue one , soon.

  • the shades included 
  • the shimmer and satin finish
  • very pigmented
  • difficult to remove with soap and water LMAO, so yeah i tried to wash it off first then i recall what the kiosk manager, Kat, [at Robinson's Gale] that these shadows are sorta waterproof, so yeah i had to grab my eye makeup remover even after i had tried to wash it off with soap and water from my arm.
  • did not crease when i wore it on my video, here
  • nice sleek packaging
  • the gel/cream liners can get streaky so don't drag your liner brush across your lash line but dab the color on
  • the price, this for around 2k?  
Overall for less than PhP300, definitely these shadows in such a sleek packaging is worth it and i like the staying power.

Hopefully, i catch the kiosk before they leave, either that or i hope they extend their stay in Robinson's i'd like a backup of the survival kit (thinking)
Do i recommend this:  sure especially if you get it at the promo price [with the survival kit]
Would I buy again: am hoping to get the blue/cool pallet of the mystic eyes, sure i don't mind having a back up of the survival kit.


CHARRY said...

Interesting palette. Nice review ;)

sugar sugar said...

those are really pretty neutrals! :)

Marge said...

ey girls! now that i can spell mystic, hehehe i'd say yeah, those shades are wonderful neutrals and the shimmers don't fall out ☺♥ but the powder/eyeshadows on my majolica majorca is way softer, hehehe

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