Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Body Shop Workshop Last April 07, 2011 at Greenbelt 4

I received a text from the body shop inviting me to attend one of their demo/work shops and what intrigued me was their launching of their own bb cream.
hero Tania was with me that day, ♥♥♥
so there were several women with me who attended and there was a make up session.
i had won a special prize for what their makeup artist deemed to be a very good night time look [the makeup artist on the left, winner of the body shop world wide makeup artistry contest]
ooooh bath stuff!
and what my sole purchase, their new bb cream which i reviewed here
i haven't purchased anything from the body shop in two years, actually, since their seaweed line broke me out which then made me look towards South Korea for really inexpensive alternatives to cosmetics.  so now, naturally, it would still be a bb cream that i purchase as it was the star that night.  as i have mentioned, we got a thank you for coming introductory discount so i actually only bought the bb cream for PhP500 which made it a worthwhile purchase for me.  
In retrospect, i think i will applaud the body shop for making this effort.  if dior [as in christian dior] snow, shu uemura can make bb creams, so can the body shop, and so the body shop has.  like i mentioned in my video review of the bb cream, and in written review, though it's run of the mill, it's still a fairly decent bb cream and way way as in way better than the maybelline bb cream.  
the body shop work shop was fun, they even fed us, nomnomnom.  thank you for the invite and the opportunity.  i even renewed my LYB card because of it LOL.


sugar sugar said...

LOL! you're so funny marge but i think the bodyshop really did amazing on this event as i have seen several entries from blogs commending them for a job well done. ;)

Marge said...

hehehe thanks Sugar, i really dig it when people get my humor even on written form ☺♥
yep, my only gripe is really their prices. but over all their products are pretty good. and yeah good thing they did introduce a bb cream at least it's something for people who are curious but are not into Asian cosmetics ;-) ♥☺

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