Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Book Ends - SS501 Entry

ever since the non-renewal of the contract of kim hyun joong's, idol pop group, SS501, [meaning they can't use that name, can't perform together using that name without a new contract under their previous label] i've been wanting these dvd's.  the pink one is a compilation of their performances when they first debuted.  while the other is their last performance ever together as/in a concert.
these dvd's come with photobooks.  and my sataima performance even came with a wallet sized picture album thingy container.
as some of my readers may know, ever since boys over flowers and the song because i'm stupid by ss501 [used on the boys over flowers soundtrack] which was used a great deal on youtube make up tutorials, i became hooked on bb creams and asian makeup which led me to become hooked on kpop and ss501. and now i have these babies.  i'll be satiated for quite awhile.
i miss them and await their return, hopefully this year.
these dvd's are actually my 2nd orders of these items.  my previous orders didn't go thru and i had to wait about 5 and half months for them to be available again.  yes, they are hard to come by especially now that they are rare items [the pink one is out of print while the saitama is from japan and is limited.]
i ordered and should've ordered [to begin with] from fangirl asia and yes asia for these.  word of advice to anyone new to this fandom, order from legit online stores and people you know who accept credit cards [as it adds legitimacy to their enterprise].  also, in fairness to legit online stores who have been in the business for more than 3years like Princess Ng / keeping8simple, there are online sellers that will have yearSS worth of good feedback.  so always always research and read reviews and feed back of the online stores you will be buying from.
that's all for now  ^_^ imma gonna watch my dabel s babies ^_^


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