Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Next Shampoo and Conditioner - Pure Beauty TSUBAKI

this notice from SM Advantage came in my email yesterday.  the title of the email is 

Exclusive to Members: Earn 100 Bonus Points on Pure Beauty Tsubaki Camellia Products at Watsons (Now until May 31)

  I almost yelled in delight.  but i can't actually see on the pic where it says tsubaki lol.  hari nawa hindi ito joke joke joke LMAO.
there are reviews on this on a lot of different blogs but the frequently reviewed brand is from Shiseido and i don't think Shiseido brings this shampoo line of theirs to Manila.  a lot of the reviews i read on makeup alley are quite favorable and on average it's a 4/5.  and of course Fuzkittie swears by the awesomeness tsubaki does for her hair [well at least the Shiseido one].
Pure Beauty products especially their masks and bb creams have been reviewed by the usual power of three, Nikki [that i remember most], so this brand came on my radar because of their relatively inexpensive bb creams that's actually available in our local watsons.
Hopefully, this tsubaki shampoo works out well on my oily to combination really thin strand-ed hair type.  and hopefully it's a tad cheaper than the shiseido tsubaki shampoo prices i see online. according to this blog entry it's a third cheaper than the shiseido tsubaki  let you know by the same time next week how this worked out for me.

ciao for naooo ^_^


ladyraggedycat said...

I stashed up on the hair treatment mask because it works well on my wavy/curly rather thick and LONG hair! I'm already done with my first tube and on with the second. I haven't tried Shiseido's so I can't compare, but for the price, it's pretty good. :D Imma gonna get the Essence Water and the Treatment Oil next. ^^

But the shampoo has SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE which sends alarm bells my way. That chemical is being debated among those who like "purer," more organic and healthier shampoos. It tends to strip hair of essential moisture and whatnot. Personally, I steer clear SLS-laden products, specifically for hair stuff coz it strips colored hair drastically and I just colored my hair an unnatural red shade. XD

I hope it works well on you too! :D Halos ubos nang stock in SM Southmall so I must hurry... LOLz

ladyraggedycat said...

...hmmm... OR it could be sodium LAURETH sulfate which is nearly just as bad. :( In any case, no to sulfate shampoos for me. :( Tell me if the shampoo is good, though. I might give it a chance to complete the line. XD

Marge said...

ey Chiqui, sure, i'll post my review on this by this weekend. this made my ironing a lot easier and takes me less time though, pix of this coming up on my review. miss ya☺♥

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