Monday, April 11, 2011

REVIEW: The Body Shop Shiso BB Cream

The Body Shop did not pay me to review their product. I paid for this bb cream with my own money.  video review below:

So last Thurs i went to one of the demo launches of this bb cream at the body shop with Algo/hero-Tania.

naturally i was intrigued as it's a bb cream and this time it's from the body shop.
it's very creamy and not at all as watery as that thing maybelline calls their bb cream.
sorta matches the skin on my neck but i still notice a yellow undertone.
photo above taken without a flash - bb set with a little revlon colorstay aqua
photo above taken with flash - bb set with a little revlon colorstay aqua

photo above taken on another day with flash several hours after application also
bb set with a little revlon colorstay aqua. [this is day i fell in love with the Nars Orgasm blush] mental note - don't go in there! parang horror slasher flick lang! :P

I'll just present most of what i said in my video in bullet points
  • creamy and easy to apply
  • good shade match - yellow undertone [unlike my the face shop hydrosplash bb cream which was just plain white even on my fair skin]
  • not reflective - i don't end up looking like a floating white head
  • can be applied with fingers and still get good results [ahem the face shop hyrdrosplash bb cream]
  • has not broken me out yet
  • finish - semi-dewy 
  • i like this better than the face shop hydrosplash bb cream just bec it applies better and has a better shade match
  • doesn't cover my scars well
  • i'm oily in about 2-3 hours compared to my expert triple blemish bb cream  fr tony moly [that only have to blot the oils away 2x a shift]
  • in line with this, it doesn't last too long without being set with some like mineral foundation [i used the body shop's mineral foundation on the day of the event and my own revlon colorstay aqua mineral foundation]
  • the price!!! - PhP1195 for something that's only 30ml for something other bb creams promise anyway [whitening, anti wrinkle, moisturizer, sun protection, makeup base, foundation and a partridge in a pear tree]

Will I recommend:   yes, to those who are interested [and have the budget] in bb creams but don't know much about asian brands and are still timid about Korean cosmetics ;-) c'mon you can do it! 
Will I repurchase: truth be told, i got this tineeweenee bottle at an introductory - thank you for coming - price of PhP500 but as much as it performed like any other bb cream - minus the coverage and lasting power, this is not something on my repurchase list

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sugar sugar said...

awww... :( does this have any beneficial effects for the skin dear?

Marge said...

i'm pretty sure the shiso, the licorice, vit c, the spf, the moisturizers, they're for real, just that shall we say, this bb cream is run of the mill, it isn't like the tony moly expert triple bb or the l'egere or not even the skin food peach sake which hardly needed anything on top of ;-)

Askmewhats said...

Hi gorgeous girl! great seeing you last night, sorry nawindang lang ako sa mga ilaw at flashes (feeing artista ba?) hahahaha thanks for the great chat! :)

Marge said...

Hi Nikki♥♥♥
super nice meeting you, finally ☺ kahit wala kong autograph mo at least i got a picture together with you...squeeee ☺♥

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