Monday, April 4, 2011

REVIEW: Missha BB Boomer

thank the gods of mount olympus i only have this as a sample.  i got this at the Missha store at SM North-Annex.
so since i don't read, i didn't read what this was actually for until after i tore it open.  it's merely a primer to a bb cream, so to me it's a primer to a primer LMAO.
after it's blended on the back of my hand and on my face.
so yes, ladies, i popped my zits and black heads and i have OILY to combination skin thus my pores are well shall we say HUGE.  i don't have the full size product, so i can't say anything about its packaging.  i only used this twice, why? read on:
  • moisturizing
  • the scent - omg, i'm sorry to be an ageist [well actually i'm not sorry LOL long story especially in the last year] but this thing smells like my lola's perfume, the type that hurts your nostril and sticks in there until way after 
  • no pearlescent effect 
  • with or withOUT it my bb creams last or not last on my face so no effect in short it didn't work at least on my oily to combination skin.
Can't say if it would've broken me out since i only used it twice.

Do i recommend this? - neither for dry skinned [whose makeup generally last longer since they don't produce much oil to break down their make up] nor for oily skinned people like myself, no i do not recommend this.


CHARRY said...

Thanks for the review, I think I'll pass. My face usually reacts to strong smelly products. I'm sure to get a zit in a day or two after using this.

Glad you made this review. thanks ;)

sugar sugar said...

LOL! i also have a sample of this but haven't gotten around to trying it. natawa ako sa pang lola na dislike. :p i want to open my sample just to give it a sniff LOL!

Marge said...

Ey Charry: ☺ i'm usually not a picky person when it comes to scent, in fact i actually love the scent that skin food, tony moly and etude house uses on their stuff but this Missha bb boomer is the exception, the scent is just ways strong o_0
Oist Sugar hehehe ika nga ng commercial, 'try moe' ☺☺☺, the scent may not be as strong for you but was for me and over all, the product didn't do much to make my bb creams last longer on my face ito ang product na wala lang ☺

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