Tuesday, April 26, 2011

REVIEW: Pure Beauty Tsubaki/Camellia Seed Oil Hair Care

ERRATUM:  this is made in Korea.  Naturally :P
this set came on my radar thanks to an email i received from sm advantage introducing the new products of pure beauty.
so for every purchase you get a 100 bonus points on your sm advantage.  so all i had to do was watson's hop.  i mean, there are 2 watson's in one mega b and the sm dept store in mega a.  then there's a watson's at the podium and a watson's closest to me, rob gale :P  or if you hate walking like me, just ask the cashier to consider each item as separate sales. muhahahaha 
my hair's layers are on the outside as opposed to having the layers under your longest hair.
so when i dry my hair my stick straight hair, (yey, thanks Dad ;-)) looks as though i have spongy frizzy hair when i really don't, it's the layers pointing everywhere and my hair not liking my cheapy-cheapy hair dryer :P
this hair care set actually really does make good on the tag line 'styling made easy' LOL
i've got a dying hair iron.  see, it's so retro.  and naturally it's green.. but hola it's a black and decker!  yeah they have electric fans, too.  but this iron, curler, crimper set was a leap.  but hey it lasted me around 5 years now. well, sorta.  it takes a bout 15mins to heat up and even longer if i want the heat to last long.  but wait i got stick straight asian hair why do i wanna subject my hair to heat?  simple my hair dryer dries my hair every which way possible so the layers' tips look like i've got frizzy hair, when i don't.
tada?! a not so heated hair iron, and just a swipe.
and it looks like i've a proper hair dryer to begin with. LOL.
  • the smell. it's so feminine citrus-kinda scent
  • cleans squeaky clean
  • easy to rinse off
  • lasting effects of soft shiny hair, softness of the roots is almost the same as the woah, the softness of the tips of my hair.
  • i don't get greasy after a day, i get greasy in about 36 hours so it's not that oily.
  • makes hair styling even with my ancient hair iron easy.  and once it's ironed it stays 'ironed looking'
  • THE PRICE! for 200 bucks per 500ml [conditioner 500ml, shampoo is 500] then this beats shiseido's price [around 700 for almost the same content] and since i got a 100 points bonus it's like 'ma'am parang 99 na lang binayad nyo!' as the cashier happily pointed out
  • doesn't weigh my hair down
  • the smell doesn't last long like my favorite lush american cream conditioner [that thing lasts even after i've shampooed again! LOL]
Will I repurchase:  sure

Disclaimer:  I'm not a sulfates non-fan [aka i don't give a hoot either way, so i use any hair care that will keep my roots less greasy to bring down my hair washing routine to around twice or even once a week.  yep, once a week, does anyone think it's possible in such a humid environment we have?

Do i recommend? sure, i'd recommend this to people with thin limp hair.  i wouldn't know how this would work on people with thick sponghado / frizzy hair.


sugar sugar said...

i need to try this too! =)

Marge said...

ey Sugar ♥ yeah for that price, yeah it's a must try in my opinion esp for those who want a dupe of the shiseido tsubaki hair care line ;-)

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