Friday, April 29, 2011

REVIEW: Tony Moly Cheek Tint - Tony Tint - Tony Moly Opening

I sincerely wish Tony Moly Philippines all the best for on their opening this Saturday, April 30 at the SM Fairview.  In line with this, I would like to give you, my readers on what you can get from there if you're the type that 1.) do not know what bb creams are, 2.) don't know much about Korean cosmetics, 3.) do NOT have much to spend on make up in both time and money.
hello there, cutie.  this is their cheek tint.  this also comes in a full size tube, the usual kind of plastic tube you see the body shop or ever bilena has.  but this cherry ball size is available and is almost dirt cheap.  I got this in Bangkok, last year and look Ma, it still hasn't dried out! 
LOL and it's a cherry color.
this dries pretty quickly, which makes blending [while you're in an airconditioned environment] quite difficult, so work fast! but once blended out, it gives a natural pinkie hue.  but this will show up if you have skin of a warmer tone ;-) just a ad a little more of the tint ♥
this lasted me all day and well so did the stain on my finger, it took me two washings of our ladies' room horrid liquid hand soap for the stain on my finger to come off.  my oily face didn't slide off the tint and lasted on my face for the rest of the day.

  • the price, it's only THB40 LOL
  • the size, it's tiny so you can fit this in a tiny purse ♥
  • a little goes a long way
  • no scent
  • loooooong laaaaasting ♥
  • it's simple to use and great for high school / college girls, or our ladies who are only just beginning to dab in the makeup hobby or just want a natural look and who hate touch ups ;-)
  • the white stopper at the brim of the opening comes off with the cap, so i have to be extra careful 
  • difficult to blend because it dries too quickly, unlike my etude house one that has more of a gel consistency so i have a tad more time to blend this out on my cheeks
Do i recommend? :  definitely especially for those ladies on a budget, those women who don't like the idea of makeup but still want some form of blush, those ladies that do not want to retouch.
Will I repurchase:  given the opportunity, sure.  isn't it a lovely gift idea?


sugar sugar said...

i also have this and i really like it! :)

Marge said...

@Sugar! - ey baby girl, yeah, it's pretty neat and it lasts all day, it looks natural pa ♥☺

Marge said...

@Sugar! - ey baby girl, yeah, it's pretty neat and it lasts all day, it looks natural pa ♥☺

Nadine Diamante said...

glass ba ung container? i want to send it over to a friend, but afraid it's gonna leak :/ would you recommend it it for swapping? given it's gonna have to travel far...

Marge said...

nope di yan glass, and it's so compact. lagyan mo na lang ng extra tape siguro to be sure walang leak

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