Wednesday, April 6, 2011

While I wait for Tangerine, I'm super lovin' these - orange is the new pink!

Waiting for Tangerine I instead take advantage of the poster and diary promos and bought these. so anything of the orangey/peachy/corally shade is in OR201.  they've got another 201 shade but a glossy lipstick and not too pigmented. i've got a codeB matte lippie fr etude that's also 201 LOL.
when i trekked down to the face shop at robinson's i was looking for the glossy201 and was gonna use my bench card points to buy it.  but i saw this and remembered the FB post on this.  and hola! Baby the sungit branch manager before smiled at me na! ooops i mean hola, looky here!
look at that pigmentation, it's not just a gloss, it's liquid lipstick with a gazillion moisturizers LOL...well argan oil - the recent youtube skin care craze.
but previous to that though, i bought the wrinkle repair in OR201 when i bought the kim hyun joong calendar, i think.  this wrinkle repair 201 is a tad darker orange more on a glossy bright [on my lips] tangerine. that thing in the center is what they call essence, a moisturizing product which is part of the wrinkle repair.  doesn't really work on me though :-(
i apply the extreme rouge on top of the wrinkle repair, yeah, the wrinkle repair is drying on me.  so how happy am i that the extreme rouge claims to have argan oil in it according to this product description? very!
photo above taken with the flash on
photo above has the flash off.
the water test.  so unless you drink off of your mug like your sucking melons or pretending to kiss leader this thing won't come off too much on your glass or mug.  some of the extreme rouge gloss does rub off but it's so pigmented that a great deal of the color stay behind on your lips.  so yeah bar brawl example again, dunno i keep thinking of snooki of jersey shore and her brawls yeah you would come out still with your lippies on even after being thrown water at LMAO.
Love both shades, i have another wrinkle repair shade, the PR101 or PK101 it's an old rose shade, i love that, too.  i didn't go wrong in buying the faceIt extreme rouge in OR201, [the glossy or201 isn't has pigmented] and it isn't drying at all.

  • both are 201 but each has a distinct orangey coral color which i love, it's very summer-y
  • the wrinkle repair is your classic lippy but the extreme rouge has a slightly bent doe foot applicator and the [rubber] stopper at the entrance of the tube is very effective so unlike my revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick that actually has no stopper [doh]
  • both are pigmented but what surprised me was the extreme rouge.  it doesn't separate considering the rose hip oil and the argan oil.  the faceIt extreme rouge is liquid lipstick LOL
  • the faceIt extreme rouge didn't dry out my lips
  • the shades suit me and didn't make me look jaundiced or something
  • as usual the price, it's the same as the revlon colorburst in the phil PhP545...the wrinkle repair is a hundred bucks more expensive
do i recommend? if it's within your budget sure
will i repurchase? yeh i'll get the pinky one of prolly both i think LOL


Aya said...

I like the shade! And the pigmentation of the gloss is nice! :D

Marge said...

ey Aya: yeh, i'm super lovin' this salmon-y peachy shade ;-) have to wait a bit though for it to sorta set before i can drink pala LOL otherwise it will transfer like there's no tomorrow hehehe

ladyraggedycat said...

HUWAH! The OR201 gloss... I'm eyeing it. ^^ I'll get me one once I have budget for it. At the end of the month; basta while there's enough summer left :P
Argan oil!!! I use that on my hair (as you've seen, I've wavy thick-ish hair so I give it all the conditioning TLC it needs... plus I just colored my hair REEEDDD so moar TLC!!!). IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY! At least for me. :) My mom brought a bottle of argan oil for me when she visited from the States. Dunno when the Argan oil craze will reach the PH, but the sooner, the better. That stuff is made of awesome. ^^

Marge said...

Chiqui!!! yeah, argan oil finally even if it's a korean product at least it's here. oh, meron na argan oil products, at the sm watsons and dept store, the brand is organix or organics it's next to the jonathan booth ;-) i'll try it nga din LOL, the ends of my hair have a mind of its own eh, they fray :P

Marge said...

"so unless you drink off of your mug like your sucking melons or pretending to kiss leader this thing won't come off too much on your glass or mug"


Marge said...

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