Sunday, May 8, 2011

A day with Moms

"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep these over grown kids from seeing their moms today!

It's been since Easter Sunday since I've been back to Loyola Memorial. And how kind was of the gods that it started to rain. so instead of the heat and humidity we had rain and the air was cool when we reached loyola and found her tombstone had been set. and it reads her name, and 'the music has stopped but the melody lingers. very appropriate for a woman who touched so many lives and who raised the man i'm very in love with.
Tita Lita, Happy Mother's Day and thank you. On to lunch with my mom. another kindness from the gods, today was manny's fight with mosley so the expected traffic [from all the people who wanna take their moms out] was a tad delayed because of the fight's broadcast.
and here she is.
we ate at cucina victoria:
at the rockwell powerplant mall.

our's pizza topping on a baguette LOL this thing was yum!  oh, there are three of these per order.
mom's order, chorizon con pasta, hers was 'flat noodles' as she would plainly call it.
and theBenj's order, spaghetti and meat balls.
that's 4 meat balls!  and really really tasty ones, too. not too salty, just right, not too sweet either.  and the taste reaches the core of the meat ball!
and my order.
same as my mom's chorizo con pasta but spaghetti.
wow, our dishes were deep! kaya pala tig 3daan mahigit ang isang order LMAO, because the portions of these babies were BIG!  i heard the waiter said 180g [of pasta].  we couldn't really couldn't picture it so sige, order lang! and omg lamang, galit sa chorizo yung cook! there were bits of chorizo smothered all over each pasta, there were bits of tomatoes, too, to offset the saltiness of the chorizo.  this was gratifying, i was getting nearly tired from chewing but there was still so much more on my plate! LMAO.   
we also ordered a six inch pepperoni pizza, which arrived ahead of the pasta dishes but after the baguette. LOL i didn't get to take a picture of that, the three of us were like soldiers who haven't fed in days!
I also didn't get to take pictures of mom's and theBenj's drinks.  LOL, busy kaka daldalan :P

the aftermath.  aaaannd theBenj was satiated to say the least :p our goals were fulfilled.  my mom seemed pleased and she got to take home some food for my dad, too!

Hope everyone had a great day with their moms today!



Askmewhats said...

LOL! I know what you mean about "soldiers not being fed for day" and you can just sniff your food straight to your stomach! :)

You obviously had a great time! :D

Marge said...

ey Nikki ☺♥ yeah we were both in good spirits ☺♥

sugar sugar said...

you look like your mom marge! :) she's beautiful!
the first part of this post is very touching.

Marge said...

ey Sugah-beh ☺♥ thanks so much. you're too kind ☺♥

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