Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just a wish and a gentle reminder - your maid does not follow you to your workplace

as some of you might have been following me since before my K and makeup addiction, you may know that i blog about where i work and usually, i my main complaint is the habit of my building-mates.  usually these building mates are from the night shift because i get to ortigas before 7am so the day walkers have yet to arrive.  AND YEP I DID ASK THE ATTENDANTS / SALES CLERKS WHICH SET OF BUILDING-MATES OF OURS LEFT THESE.
so ayun.  spent sugar and creamer sachets and a straw.

but the thing is? the trash bin is right there.  and there's a trash bin yet a few steps from country style, where the bdo atm's are.  so the trash bin for the atm receipts.
how does this affect me?
well directly and immediately, i can't add my sugar and cream to my coffee surrounded by another person's litter.     since this is a place where we spend a great deal of your time, couldn't we keep it tidy?  i feel for the attendants of country style, not only are they already hard at work tending to the customers they have to pick up after insensitive people?  mind you these attendants do not have chairs in their little kiosk so they practically stand all day.
i've got a lot of pictures in and around this building of peoples' litter.  inside the elevator small spent packets of boy bawang, used bottles of C2.  outside naman, neatly tied up plastic bags of mini stop and inside are the used food stuff like the siopao paper or the hotdog sleeves, mga ganong factor.  
MAY BASURAHAN PO.  naway gamitin nyo.
winner talaga pag yan ang bumati sa umaga mo.  no need for coffee yan palang gising na ko.
sorry naman, i've been meaning to post this and finally here it is.  


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